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TT (Traveling Tyroam) has come to my house to pay a visit! Tyroam on made this cute doll and is sending her to all her friends for a short visit. We are to make her an outfit, let her live with us for one week, journal about it and then send her on. If I can get a nurses uniform made today she might get lucky and go to work with me tomorrow! She is even going to go to church on Sunday and see what that's all about too! hmmmm might have to make her a "going to church" dress too...roflThe first thing TT did was to get acquainted with my sewing room.It didn't take her long to notice my work out ball, after she jumped a few times she noticed the little white fluff ball in the corner! She knew at that moment she must run over and say hello to piggy.

She made a new friend! Although I must keep TT away from the puppies because I don't think they will be as friendly!

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Lynn E said...

I just met Tyroam on Swooze's chat. Love that her friend is visiting.