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Visit with our son

Even though we had a bad experience with the motel, the visit was nice. We got to see the base and Lake Michigan is so pretty even from the other side!~! ROFL

Chapel was great and the music and choir did a great job! There is so much to do! Just getting to see your sailor is worth the visit!

The worst motel in America

This one takes the cake. I had to make an emergency visit to see my son who is in the navy on the Great Lakes Naval base. The only motel that had a room was: the econo lodge on North green bay road. DO NOT STAY THERE!!!!!

The room they first gave wouldn't open up. Then when he brought the master key it smelled so bad! It smelled like paint, smoking and MOLD!~! I have asthma and had booked a no-smoking room.

The sink wouldn't drain, it leaked on my bags and the carpet. The ceiling tiles were missing, falling out. The light fixture was missing in the bathroom and only had one bulb. The carpet was filthy with stuff all over it. I didn't take my flip flops off! The furniture was filthy and I put a towel over it to sit on. The no smoking room had a ash tray on the desk. I had to use my inhalers several times, thank-goodness I remembered to bring them!

There was no bags to put dirty laundry in. No iron, no hangers to hang your clothes on. Fireworks went off at 02:00, those illegal kind that go BOOOOOOOM!~!~!

The FREE breakfast was:

plain bagels. a big jar of peanut butter for everyone to use. a tub of cream cheese for everyone to use. Orange juice. and the coffee was in a machine you had to PAY FOR! Needless to say. I was so sickened and heart broken we had to live in this arrangement as I tried to book another hotel and they were full for graduations.

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So do not book this place!


Joe's Quilt

Here is the quilt top I made for Joe. I think I might trash this and make another one. Maybe guitars??