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Selvadge/ selvedge humbug bag for me!~!

Before church today I decided to make myself a humbug bag using the selvadges
(I think it should be selvedge but spell check keeps correcting it)
Anyway! Here is the result:

I am just tickled to death! I love my new bag and can't wait to use it at work! Next I think I am going to make myself a make-up bag! How cool........then maybe a purse.......O my gosh!~! I need more slevedge fabric!

My selvadge wallet !~!

Is this considered The last post of the night or the first post of the day?? Since it is after midnight here.
I sewed my selvages together and came up with a nifty wallet. I think I might add embellishments to the front (buttons, yo-yo maybe a ribbon flower or two??).
What do you think of my new wallet?? Of course it is a first attempt and I am sure I will get better with each one. I learned several things and made a few mistakes, but that's OK cause it's mine.


Busy Day!~!

Today the guys went to the University of Michigan game again, so I had the whole day to myself. I needed to sew myslef some new UGLY blue scrubs. This is the official color that RN's HAVE to wear. Being a colorful person I love wearing greens, pinks, yellows and purples BUT now we can only wear one color.....BLUE ewwwwww!~!

Then I decided to make meeeee something. I love pincushions so I decided to use my selvedge fabric and make me one. One day I plan to do a whole quilt in just selvedges but I still keep collecting....and collecting!

Then I decided it was time to take inventory of my crafty room. I stood back and couldn't believe it! YIKES!~!~! It was a mess again! Guess I will clean it on Monday.


Humbug Bags

Been busy making some bags for the girls at work. Ink pens, pen lights and lip gloss fit perfectly. They hang really cuteily (LOL) on the IV pole at the med cart. I sold ALL of them the first day I took them in!~!~WOW


My new tote

I was in a stocking swap Christmas 2006. The person who had me (Dr. Beth) sent me some nursing fabric. She knew I was a RN. I couldn't cut into the fabric until today! It was so cute! I was saving it for just the right project. I cut out only one nurse...rofl

I needed a new tote for work as I started a new job. What do you think of my new tote? It is quilted and lined. I made log cabin blocks on the front and back. It is big enough to hold my bible, lunch, quilty project and a quilt magazine.


New job & rag rug

OK. I am nuts!~! I took on a new job and now I am the hospital rapid admit nurse......rofl

I am doing 12 hour shifts ewwww!~!

In the mean time. I did some internet searches and decided I wanted to make a rag rug for my crafty room. Next time I make one I think I am going to use some thought to the color theme, instead of just using what ever fabrics I have on hand. I also want to make a braided rug. What do you think of my rug??
My piggie helped me pick out fabrics.
The pond is the most loveliest shade of green. It has rained so much lately!
Then look at puppies! They are getting so big! Litlle foster brought Matt a mouse (YES!~! AS IN M-I-C-K-E-Y) last night! ewwww! I am soo glad it wasn't mee! If I would have have seen that EVERYONE would have heard me screaming! and I don't care if it is from California to Florida to Maine!~! YOU would have heard it!~! ROFL Having 4 boys has sure sharpened my vocal abilities!


SO many quilts so little time!~!

See what I sewed! I did a dissapearing 9 patch and added orange polka dot sashing. Finished the mint green top, I made the little flower squares prior to my husqvarna taking a flying leap off the stairs, and if you turn your head <------ that way , you see my 12 day Christmas block swap. I got these blocks in 2006, some people didn't send in their blocks and other chatter graciously sent me extra to finish this quilt!~! THANKS!~!
I just love it! Now for my next projects I am working on a scrap RUG for my quilt room.
I think I have enough selvedges to start my selvedge quilt. The next UFO I plan to finish is actually quilting the snow man wall hanging for my daughter-in-law.



OK, last but not least (although my last post posts first....snicker) Is the beautiful ORANGE CRUSH MYSTERY!~!

Even though I didn't use the orange!

I used civil war fabrics rofl!~!

I wonder how I should quilt this one?? old fashion yarn tie or throw it on the gracie and zooooom away??

Carolina Crossroads

OK!~! I told myself I was going to get through this quilt and I did! It is another Bonnie Hunter mystery. It is called: Carolina crossroads. I used my grandpa's shirts and my kids crib sheets. I cried a lot while making it. For times gone by, sweet remembrance and nostalgia's sake. I am very pleased with how this top turned out and I can't wait to quilt it!

Tobbacco Road

Proof is in the pudding!~! here is my mystery quilt top I got done. It was Bonnie Hunters: QUILTVILLE.COM, tobbacco roads! See how the whole out look of the quilt changes ?? and all you have to do is switch out the colors!


Last night I got another scrappy crumb bag out and dumped them on the table. I told myself I am only going to use what is in this bag and NOT get any more scrap crumb bags out! I ended up with 27 (9.5) blocks! So these were put in a storage bag for future projects. I told you I was sewing my head off!~!


I have been sewing my head off!~! First I started with UFO blocks. I made the blue "Let it snow" wall hanging quilt from OOOPS!~! blocks. I still need to add a mouth on the snow man and quilt it. The other three items are mini quilts. I am making xmassy pressies early! I hope to have a full year done by the time Dec. rolls around. The minty green and pink are left over blocks I did for a baby quilt. I am going to add white sashing and maybe some applique flowers on the borders.


HOW to make a million HST easy!~!

OK this is how to make HST easy:

You take the width of fabric and cut strips 1/2 inch bigger than your finished needed (HST) square size. You lay the strips right sides together. Sew 1/4 inch seam allowence on the top and the bottom. You now have a tube if you were to turn this inside out, but don't do this. Lay your easy angle or wonder ruler (Eleanor Burn's flying geese or fons & porter ruler also does the same thing.) You cut a triangle out, then open it up to make sure you have the right size. You can either sqaure it up or adjust your cut so that you have perfect sized HST. Notice in the picture for the next cut I flip the ruler and cut another triangle. We don't want to waste any fabric! It kinda looks like the 1,000 pyramid quilt....rofl

Herer is a hint!~! You can lay up to THREE!~! sewn strips down and cut 3 HST EACH time you make that ONE triangle!~!


Fall has snuck up!

Today is the first day back to school (I will post a pix later) So today I plan on squeezing in quilting the fall mini hanging for the outside. I am going to try to sew some of my mystery quilt together too as I can't walk in my room until I do that...rofl

NUTS!~! There goes my clean quilt room!

I am on a roll! I am sewing my head off trying to get the new Bonnie Hunter mystery on done. It is called " and "Tobacco road" done in 1930's repo and I started Carolina cross roads in fall colors.