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Some one stole frosty's NOSE!~!

I took my favorite frosty out of the attic yesterday! and just look at him!~! OH NO!~! His nose is missing! I looked every where in the attic and no nose?? What do you suppose happened to him?? Leave me a comment on your thoughts and on Dec 13th I will pick the best answer and send you a quilting Christmas gift.

(update!~! I am working today on my special give away! Here is a peek!)

Thanks~ Giving

I have the sweetest daughter in law! See what she brought over??

We were so stuffed after dinner and everyone had to go take a nap!
Dakota put her stamp of approval on the whole dinner and she too had to take a "time out"

Then we got all our Christmas stuff down from the attic to take inventory: WHAT A MESS!!


Thanks Giving Day pies

Today I woke up and decided I was gonna make a pecan pie. I never have made one. I asked Dakota what she thought and she ended up having a hysterical laughing fit.

So, Not to let her discourage me. I made one anyways! I took it out of the oven and she said: "G mom it smells yummy!"

Here is a picture of my Thanks giving day pies.

Happy Thanks ~ Giving Day Everyone!~!


Just got home from work and guess what that brown truck guy delivered to my door?? You got it!~! The futura singer embroidery machine! At first my hubby was going to make me wait until Christmas to open it, I suppose after the "LOOK" I gave him, he had second thoughts.
I unpacked everything. Sure enough everything was all in the box! I am just ecstatic! I am so beside myself! I am staying up reading the manual and looking everything over. Sleep is over rated anyway.

I just need to figure which computer to load all the software on. Do I really want to take another machine to the basement? That's where my husqvarna had her accident. OR do I want to clog my hubbies computer up with embroidery fonts? HMMMMMM what a dilemma!


NEWS FLASH!~! The brown truck guys updated their website and my new toy is now in transit. It is in MAUMEE OH US ! The BAD news is that the ups site says scheduled delivery is set for tomorrow.
I work 12 hours!~! waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I won't get to play w/ my machine.
Then on Wednesday I work again.
Thanksgiving dinner is here on Thursday so we all know that's not an available play day, unless I have dinner at 9am, clean the kitchen back up and free up the afternoon (SMIRK)
Friday is scheduled "Get the Christmas stuff out of the attic day"
Then Friday nite we are going to cut down a tree. What a busy week!
OK news flash!~!
2 more people have written reviews. One was bad BUT one was good!~!
Maybe the cd's were missed by the other three people?? This is gonna drive me absolutely batty until I see that brown truck guy pull up and give me MY box.
Where o where is my little brown truck guy??
Here is the review:
CHECK BOTH BOXES / Dan, CA 11/23/2008 I found that the box that held the machine was placed inside of another box so make sure you take them apart. I found all of my software in the outside box.
Now here is the website with MY machine:


Singer ses1000

I got a letter today from HSN.COM. I hope they hold up on there end!~! Here is the letter:

We have received your message regarding your Singer SES1000 Sew, Embroider and Serge Machine, Order Number 824994179. My name is Jennifer and I am able to provide you with the following information.
We understand how these Customer Reviews could cause you concern.Our records show this item comes with the following:
(1) Sewing machine(1) Embroidery unitModel #: SES10003 specialty 5-watt LED bulbs(1) Singer embroidery software, including Auto Punch, HyperFont, AutoCross-Stitch and PhotoStitch(1) Singer At Home Worldwide - Singer Stock Designs CD(1) Singer Ready, Set, Sew DVD tutorial(1) Singer Installation CD(5) Hemstitch needles(2) Twin needles(1) Lock cutter (serge) attachment(1) Even feed presser foot(1) Teflon presser foot(1) Roller presser foot(1) Embroidery/darning presser foot(1) Gathering presser foot(1) Pintuck presser foot(1) Cording presser foot(1) Open toe presser foot(1) 1/4" presser foot(1) Invisible zipper presser foot(1) Rolled hem presser foot(1) General purpose foot(1) Blind hem foot(1) Zipper foot(1) Button foot(1) Satin foot(1) Buttonhole foot(2) Thread spool nets(2) Spool caps (large and small)(6) Bobbins (type 15)(1) Buttonhole opener/brush(2) Screwdrivers (large and small)(1) Needleplate screwdriver(1) Removable thread guide (for large spools of thread)(1) Pair of scissors(2) Embroidery hoops (large and small)(1) Vinyl storage bag(1) Foot control (measures approx. 48"L)(1) Power cord (measures approx. 72"L)(1) USB cable (measures approx. 80"L)(1) SES1000 installation software CD(1) Instruction manual (English, French and Spanish)

It is possible that the in-store Singer representative was not aware
of this special package as it was designed specifically for HSN by Singer Corporate Executives. Please know that if your order should happen to arrive with any missing items, we would not refer you to a singer retailer. We would contact Singer directly for you and have the missing parts sent to your location. We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for choosing HSN. If you have any questions regarding this information, please reply to this message.
For quick answers to your questions anytime, go to:or you may call us at 1-800-933-2887 from 8 a.m. - 1 a.m., Eastern Time. Sincerely, Jennifer Customer Service We would love to hear your opinions about our online customer service process.


IF YOU BOUGHT THE SINGER SES1000 I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let me know what porjects you made.
My software came broken. It was crushed netween both boxes.


New sewing machine

A few days ago I made a major purchase. After kicking around the idea for a whole ten minuets, I clicked the "commit to buy" button. Earlier in the year my husqvarna bit the dust. I was cleaning my sewing room, which was in the basement at that time and I had my machine sitting on the stairs. Well, needless to say it fell off! No one is really to blame but me. I sat it there in the first place. After whining all year because I didn't have the money for repairs (400) I saw this machine on HSN.COM. I can make monthly payments and I would have a simple embroidery machine! I have been desperately needing it for quilt labels. I want to make baby quilts for our church and embroider Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

I miss embroidering! I love thread and the sound of the machine humming along. The expected shipping date is 11/29/2008. I wish I would have had the extra 60 dollars to have express ship done. I would playing today! I will post pictures of my finished projects to be sure!



I was in my sewing room, sewing Christmas pineapple blossom blocks when I noticed how shabby my ironing board was. Why haven't I made a new cover? It is not like I don't have the fabric or batting to do so?? Why did I make a new seat cover for my stool but not a matching cover?? I am miss "match everything", miss "match coordinator" miss "designer ~wanna be"!
So I got the same retro fabric out that I used for my stool and went at it. I put new heavy thick batting down, trimmed it and then over cut the fabric by 5 inches all the way around my ironing board. A simple 1 inch turn, a few zigzag stitches and some ribbon on a roll. I have a coordinating ensamble! I am patting myself on the back about this one!~! ROFL I didn't name myself mamacrafty for nothing.................


My Goodness how times flies! I told myself I would read this letter every year at this time to remind myself how things were. I reread the letter and got a really good laugh! I am so thank-full God has delivered us and brought us through this terrible time. Here is the letter:

Last year I wrote a letter (2007). When a quilting friend was having a bad day this past week, I re posted the same letter on a yahoo group. To encourage her and hopefully give her a laugh. I cannot believe the response I am getting telling me that I made their day and they are thank~full to be living their own life, not mine.
Now mind you a whole year has gone by and I could probably write a novel by now! Murphy does not have one thing on me...ROFL!~! So here is the letter:

OK, I just had to write this letter tonight (11/07/2006). I want each and everyone of you to thank God for your health, wealth, quilty time and sanity. Lately (like the past year) I have been going through a rough time. My dad is driving me crazy. He has reverted to being the kid and me the parent.
My FIL has had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. We are lucky enuf to only live two blocks away from my in~laws. (ya-hoo!~!) He is in the hospital as of yesterday with another episode. AND they tried to give him to me as a patient. Last month my husband hasn't been feeling well and he went into his oncologist/pulminologist. He had been diagnosed with sacrcoidosis early last year. They did a CT scan and his disease is stable but his heart had been affected. So off to a stress test he went. After walking for a long time, they couldn't get his heart rate up enough to inject what ever it is that they inject (and yes I am a RN....rofl) So they had him to start jogging. Mind you he wore "comfy" shoes just like instructed. He wore flip flops!~! So flippity flop, floppity flip.....11 minuets later he was able to stop. ROFL and I missed the whole thing! The RN told me all about it. Well, to make the long story short. They are "watching him" and he develops chest pain he needs a cardiac cath.
A few weeks ago My son Jesse (4th son) was in his first EVER football game. He got sacked pretty bad. To make this story short, he has a "wrench" in his spine where l4-5 and his s1 is bulging with spinal fluid. So off to children's hospital in Detroit we go. The Tx is rest and hopefully it will absorb or else in 8 weeks they will have to patch him up. LITERALLY.
I got a silly blood clot in my leg 2 weeks ago. I ended up going down the ER after work for a what I thought was going to be a quick trek and get something for pain. Low and behold lovenox in my belly later, a huge massive bruise (I must have rubbed my tummy) I have recovered.
Saturday the boys almost had a devastating accident when DS #1 gun misfired. They were duck hunting.
Then this week being short on $$$$$ (nothing new) I got a tiny bag of shrimp and I made shrimp and rice. (this is tonight which was the final straw or "icing on the cake as we say") I just had it all prepared and my husband and I sat down for a nice dinner after I worked all day today. 3 of the boys went fishing today and the other son Joe was working at Home depot. We get a call.
"MOM!~! I need you to come RIGHT away! I am on break and I took my car in for new tires before work and I walked over to pick it up. THEY LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR!~!"
So, in order to help out and not make him late returning to work from his break, my husband and I both sat our plates on the counter. We took off on a short run only 5 min or so. When we returned we went into the kitchen and the plates were LICKED clean! NOTHING WAS left! Our Labrador whom NEVER did anything like this (she is the usual dumpster diving type of girl) Had got up on the counter and had a smorgase board!
Talk about being kicked when already down! All's I could do is start laughing hysterically. My DH thought I had lost my mind and for a moment, yes I probably did. I couldn't cry an more I could only say figures!
I am not writing this for sympathy, to have you send a card or money or FQ. Please DO NOT! do any of those. I just wanted you read what someone else is going through and when a little trifle thing occurs in your life remember someone always has it worse. Although at this time I hope no one has it worse than this....ROFL Have a wonderful Quilty day!~! And please pray!~! O my goodness! Paulette in Michigan


OK!~! Today I am surely making progress! This week I got my row robin back. I sent the yellow background fabric around two different times. I am very pleased how it turned out. What do YOU think of it??
I am off to do some laundry then tonight I plan to cut 9.5 inch blocks out of the red,white & blue flannel I bought. I have my son's school moto fabric bought in flannel and I am going to see how this turns out! Then tomorrow I plan to make a trip to the laundry mat to take 2 rag quilts! o YES!~! PROGRESS!~

Best laid plans!~!

You know the saying: The best laid plans.........
Well today I planned a sewing retreat for myself. I have been sick for several days and the DR said not to go out. Unfortunately, I went out to feed the puppies this morning and noticed that the tarp covering their kennel had major leaks! YIKES!! They were wet! So I had to run to the hardware and buy a new heavy duty tarp, and bungee cords. I figured while I am out I May's as well run to Joanne's after all I have a 40% off coupon that expires today and a 50% coupon! So I ended up buying myself a present since I am sick...rofl You know how it always makes you feel better when you save lots of money by using coupons? I saved 27 dollars!
We have a rule around the house and it is: If you are sick and go to the DR you get a pressie to help you feel better. I cannot count how many hot wheels, candy bars and tools we have bought over the years because of this family self made rule. So what did I get myself you ask?? I finally got the side winder in pink! Then with my 40% I got cotton batting. I was in line waiting to get some flannel cut (for Jesse's quilt backing) when I noticed out of the corner of my eye 2 bolts of fabric that would match perfectly with my jelly rolls I bought earlier in the week. I decided to get a couple of yards, no one had to twist my arm on this one! I figured since I was missing the shop hop road trip ($65.00) I could spend that money in Joanne's ROFL!! Have a wonderful sewy~ weekend!


UGLY quilt

Here is my ugly quilt. I made it for functionality. I used old scraps on the top & back, for batting I used a cut up flannel sheet. You can reverse it cause I added squares that are raw edged sewn. I can't wait to take this to the laundry mat and see how it turns out!~! It is heavy as all get out!


It's a UFO weekend! Since I have been grounded to the house by the DR for bronchitis I decided to go ahead and get a jump start on the weekend. I did some more pine apple blocks, then with every block you get a bonus mini pinwheel from the corners you cut off. So far I have 12 mini's. (I think I am going to incorporate this in my Calico Garden Quilt, which I am almost done with that too!
I dug through the UFO bin and found 12 I spy blocks. I got some scrap paisley green and whipped up a baby blanket. I used solid vintage green for the backing.I think I am going to start a collection for our church so when baby dedication time comes, I can give a quilt from our church. I also did one row on my cathedral window quilt. I need to buy more white muslin. If I feel up to it I am going to Joanne's tomorrow because I have a 50% off coupon! YIPEE!~!


Attention!~!~! calling all contest crazies!~! There is a really cool contest I found!

Gone vertical

This past week I have been getting my stash all in order. It is Just amazing! I can see all my fabric!


Jelly Roll

I bought my first Jelly roll!
PS: Keep an eye out on my posts because when I reach 100, I am going to be having a give away!



I just love snow and LOOK it came early this year! I was worried the photos wouldn't turn out in the dark. I am so excited!

One of "those" moments

OK I have to tell on myself. I am such an idiot! I belong to quilt (internet chat) I was one of the ops. I met an online friend her nick is "Bamse" I didn't know Bamse was Jewish, so I had made her a Christmas stocking and had it stuffed with Santa & quilting things to take for our meeting here in Michigan. (She was on a trip and in town). Well LAST night I found out she is Jewish!
O my goodness! So first thing this morning I had to go digging through all my fabrics because I just knew I had some Hanukkah fabric somewhere. I whipped up a humbug bag and stuffed everything in it. I even swapped my Christmas card for a cute Debbie Mumm one. Then do you know what happened?? I was so frazzled about getting there on time I FORGOT THE BAG!~!~! Lord have mercy on me! So here is the pix and if I don't run it over to her hotel before she leaves I will be mailing it to her! LOL See the stocking I made her??

Visit with Bamse

I met Bamse today! She was in town on a sisterhood convention. We went out to eat at TGIF and really had a good time! I hope to do it again someday!~!


Joe's weekend

This is the weekend for drill. Joe had to drive to the base. Notice his left eye?? Thats the eye that has stitches. He is still supporting a shiner. It gives me the willies every time I look at it. Haven't had time to sew as I just did 3 twelve's. What are you working on??


EYE Candy

Look what I got! This is the story: A friend at work asked if I would look at a quilt her mother-in-law had. It was her grandma's, grandmother. So I get it home and have a peek and it is like eye candy! 1930's fabrics! She wants me to finish the remaining row. She also included fabric from the last row!
Now my question is:
1) Once I finish the remaining row in the original fabric what would be the value of something like this? It appears to be a queen size top.

2) Should I finish something like this?? My reasoning is; once you add any NEW fabric (backing) the value will drop right? Because the quilt is only as old as the newest fabric?? right?

3) How should something like this even be "finished"?? It was all done by hand and in almost perfect tiny stitches.

Every mama's nightmare

I had a terrible phone call on Monday that scared me to death! My husband and I was on our way out to eat when the cell phone rang. It was Joe. he said: "Mom !!! WHERE are you? I hit my head and there is blood all over, I am lying in my car seeing stars." Apparently his car door closed while he was getting in and the glass cut his head by his eye brow. He has an old elcamino and they don't have a metal top on the door like the cars do now. I must say for an ER nurse I tend to get woozy when it comes to my own kids wounds. The first thing he did when we got home was remove the towel and say: "SEE! what do you think????" ewwwwww!!! 5 stitches later in the ER (yep the same one I work at) Joe now has another character mark in his noggin. He thought the ER DR should have given him dilaudid instead of motrin, ROFL but he survived. I thank God it wasn't worse!