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I won I won I won!~!~

I won!~! I just got home from work and I checked my email and sure enough in my "in box" was a letter from Elizabeth over at Woods and Quilts (
MY BOM I entered won! I am absolutely speechless! Totally flabbergasted! I feel very privledged
You can see my quilt and check out the awesome patterns at:


Totally Outrageous!~!

In today's society where there is much to be discussed such as; poverty, world hunger, our economy and politics, I found myself to be the hot topic of a debate. I absolutely could not believe it! I went to the 4th floor to do admits and one of the nurses asked me if I had hair extensions! ROFL! She said that they all were discussing my hair and majority thought I did! O my goodness! can you believe it. I told them they REALLY need to get a life! Then I gracefully let them check my hair for extensions. When NONE could be found a few of the girls said: "I told you so!" ROFL I took a picture of my hair. Have you ever tried to put your camera over your shoulder and take a picture?? IT is HARD!


Contest Quilt

Here it is! The finished quilt! I have entered it into the contest on:
I sure do hope I win! Please pray that I do! Double click on the photos to enlarge the details.


Look what I did today!

Since today is church I put a turkey on so dinner is all prepped. I loaded my contest quilt on the frame last night and gave it a few whirls. I ran out of bobbin so of course I stopped. (snicker)
I am using varigrated threads and it is turning out nicely. Here is a peek: I sure do hope I win!


Old dog and new

Old dog and new. Buddy is 15 years, Dakota is 5 and the pups are now 3 & 4 months old. I love my dogs!~!


I am back world!~! I took almost one week off to go camping. I mean REALLY camping! We got rid of our travel camper last year and hubby bought a tent! I have the pictures to prove it.
The car rental was a fiasco. They were 2 hours late getting the car there. The car was dirty and it smelt so bad of cigarette smoke I had to ride with the windows down in freezing temps.(I have asthma and requested non~smoking) A red light on the dash board was on and there wasn't an owners manual, only the previous guys paper work..ewwwwwww
Needless to say I stopped and bought lysol and sprayed. I used BUDGET.COM
BUT on the positive side:
Two of the boys got a deer this trip. Thanks to a woman who let them hunt her private land. I went to town and visited their fabric shop. The woman there is ALWAYS sweet, polite and helpful. I ended up buying some batik and fossil ferns. They have a new scrap book shop and I picked up a few things there. The newest addition to Manistee, MI was the Goodwill shop. I went in to see what that was all about and ended up walking out 26 dollars less. I found some wonderful pottery, old homco figurines for holloween, crafty items and patterns! I visited the dollar store and bought bags of cinnamon sticks! Of course our annual treck to the Bargain Barn was a successful. After picking up some christmas gifts for friends and co~workers I feel this was a great trip!
At the camp ground we picked up pine cones & acorns...You can probably see where this is now going! I am going to have one beautiful holiday wreath this year!
Every night at the campground the deer would come out and walk all over. I seen up to 30 deer one night. The most magestic moment was a single male deer with a HUGE rack was by my sister~in~laws camper. It seen me and took off over the ridge and poofed into thin air it seemed, as I looked and looked and I couldn't see it any where.





LOOK at this new give away!~! This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!~!

Another year in Rocket Football

As another year in football draws closely to an end, (Thank goodness!~!) We remain city champs! Score was 54 to 34. Jesse who is #5 absolutely had a ball! The year started out rocky as the first scrimmage ended with a broken leg. You can see he is flying like the wind now............


Daniel's video

Here is a short video of Daniel my oldest son. He is our Minister of Music at Mercy Ministries.

Today I tweaked my blogspot and changed the template. I cleaned my quilty room (nothing new there) ROFL.
I made lists of things I need to do. Notice my new Christmas tree counter? Gee I can't believe how many days are left until Christmas!~! I need to get ready!


2008 Stocking swap for

Here is the stocking I am going to send this year. I made it using selvedges. I also made my swapper an ornament. I am going to add to...... and from mamacrafty in pigma pen after I took this picture. Now to start stuffing it with goodies I have been collecting! What do you think of it??


Another Sew Saturday

This past week, my clerk (even though I think it should be secretary..rofl but that in itself is a long and whole other story) asked me to make her baby a 1st b~day outfit. She had some fabric that she had bought and some notions. This is what I whipped up. I sure do hope the measurements are right. I plan to make head band too out of the fabric, flowers and purple ribbon.

Then I picked up my UFO Calico gardens. I worked last night at it and got 10 more squares prepped and ready to take along on the go. I should have this done soon.


OK family here it is! The dreaded school photo! Jesse is in the nineth grade!
He didn't know that you get your pictures done when you register....ahhh High School! (ps double click on the photos and they enlarge...notice the nice alphalpha thingie going on??) ROFL


Bag 4 a friend

My friend at work (Bless her heart) can't sew a button on, so I knew at that moment I needed to make her one too!~!