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Round robin

It is kinda sad!~! I finished a round robin and it ready to go home. I got mine back (The one with the cute sheep already hung outside ). I guess I am ready for the next one!

This week I worked on California cross roads and started a new mystery quilt at I am using all 1930's repo fabrics, so I think this one would be kinda cool! Right now I am making 933 HST!


Jesse at Tiger Stadium

Notice his broken left leg! Jesse is 14 and almost 6 feet tall.


king crumb quilt

Remember when I said that I was having a crummy week? Well I started to sew all those crumbs and then added sashing from bits and pieces and wala~ A king crumb quilt!~!

I got this idea from :


What's one more??

OK when you have one.... what's one more??


It's been a crummy week!

Well, I finally had had enuf! I have several scrap tubs and 3 plastic grocery bags full of scraps. I sewed all my crumbs together that was in the grocery bags and ended up with a little more than 130 or so blocks. It took about a week to get through them. I still have 3 grocery bags full of crumbs and I am scratching my head trying to figure out how they multiplied! hmmmmmmmm???? Is there a magic crummy fairy??

This week was also my sons birthday. He is home on vacation from the navy "leave" for one month. He bought himself a chocolate tick beagle. He named him RED. I am so glad because the second choice was "nuggent" (as in Ted Nuggent). He is absolutely adorable but I am banned from playing with him cause the boys told me I might mess his "nose" up! Have you ever heard anything so silly?? But while they are away I get my cuddle time!