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Joe's departure

I have been crying almost all afternoon & night. Joe left today for boot camp today. I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack, but I am sure it is only anxiety from bawling. I know you probably think "get over it" But it is for 20 weeks!

Yesterday in the mail I got a round robin that was lost last year. I kept praying it would find it's way home and guess what! It was found and sent to me, I did a whole block in one day and am gonna send it home to it's mama in TX. DeVonn it will be on the way!~!


Scooter's new hat

Grandma Barb (The other gmama) bought scooter a new hat. He is ready for duck season!


Maverick star top Maverick stars (Although I think they should be named wonkie eyed stars)
I just need to figure out what I am going to do with this quilt. I think it would look great being a tied quilt, using different color threads. What do you think?


Puppy sitting

L@@K who came for visit this weekend! It's the scoter pie! The weekend started out bright and early. Jesse was playing football last nite and almost knocked out his front tooth. It has the wiggles. I took him to the orthodontist and the TX is wait four weeks then prolly braces! Then no sooner do I get back and Daniel is at our house. Who said that you never see your kid when they get married????? Anyways,
Daniel brought over his puppy, while he worked on one of his boats. So father & son are out in the back 40 doing their "thing" and guess who's in the house puppy sitting?? I should be cleaning.....I should be doing laundry.....I should be quilting! BUT what am I doing?? chasing little scooter pie, to ensure he doesn't make any scooter pies! LOL potty training is a trial! All the kleenex boxes are put up, couch is covered, my dogs are under the table hiding.....rofl! What a wee~end!


Catching up!~!

OK Let me run you up to speed:
Been doing Orange crush mystery, but I am calling mine civil crush cause it is civil war fabrics. I got BOM done. In my spare time I have been using scraps again and making "maverick" stars I have about 30 done. I think they should have been named wonkie stars...rofl
Then I bought some fabric for my mini Ohio stars I have been making. I have 12 stars done and they need the setting triangles & squares. Here is a pix of 4. They are all made from my stash bin. I am making all this stash stuff, but I don't see my bins decreasing! My crummy bags have increased. I now have 3 more!I just made like 60 blocks from my crumbs. I have those saved for a rainy day.....LOL I don't have any swaps in my possession at this time. Waiting on those!
Now for the community news:
We were offered another church. It is quite a drive. We feel led to minister in our own community of which we have been a part of for all our lives. We are looking for a church here. Thought we had one but God had other plans and that door was shut.
Please pray! I have a garage full of clothing and goods for the clothing bank and I want to get the food ministry set up before winter comes again. There has been 7 foreclosures in our neighborhood alone. We top the nations rate and also joblessness too. (Is that a word?) So there has never been a better time! (well except for the great depression, but I digress) Hope to post more later.
OH PS: Ended up taking our van to the auto shop after Dan put in a new alternator and battery. This ONLY cost us $65.00 to get her up and running. It was a wire that led to the alternator. The part was $4.50. You do the math.


Been busy working at the hospital a lot lately. Our only car died today, Got a bumpy ride in a tow truck. Found out I need glasses and the DR said the B word!~!@~!~ mee!~BIFOCALS!~!~! So we negotiated and I ended up with reading glasses. Ducks have been landing on our pool. AND dh dug me a new pond!~! I finally got to put in my koi whom I had been harboring in our basement all winter in a 40 gallon plastic tote. I only had 3 fatalities. Instead of redoing the landscaping around it, he ended up working on our car, put in a new alternator and battery and the silly thing is STILL acting up!~! I joined and have been busy getting myself together. Looking forward to summer!


Fat Cat Pattern April BOM

OK last post for today as I have to go to work and save the world. I got Aprils BOm done, something went wonkie eyed and I couldn't fit 2 of the bluey thingies in...I think I might have cut em too big, but anyway I am happy with this months blocks results and it just goes to one is perfect...rofl

Only took 12 hours!~!

It only took me 12 hours to clean it, but it is finally done! I found stuff I don't even remember buying! It was like Christams! Try cleaning out your quilty room!~! It will give you new inspiration and aspiration! Notice my new shelves from Ikea! Dan put them together and it holds so much!



I finally won bingo!~! After 4 years of trying off & on. i finally won!~! I cannot believe it!~! has bingo every wed nite at 9 est.
Thanks to sweetjessy, and the generous givers of prizes!~! woo~hoo!~! Here is my winning card!~!