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Puppy sitting

L@@K who came for visit this weekend! It's the scoter pie! The weekend started out bright and early. Jesse was playing football last nite and almost knocked out his front tooth. It has the wiggles. I took him to the orthodontist and the TX is wait four weeks then prolly braces! Then no sooner do I get back and Daniel is at our house. Who said that you never see your kid when they get married????? Anyways,
Daniel brought over his puppy, while he worked on one of his boats. So father & son are out in the back 40 doing their "thing" and guess who's in the house puppy sitting?? I should be cleaning.....I should be doing laundry.....I should be quilting! BUT what am I doing?? chasing little scooter pie, to ensure he doesn't make any scooter pies! LOL potty training is a trial! All the kleenex boxes are put up, couch is covered, my dogs are under the table hiding.....rofl! What a wee~end!

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