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Where are we?



     Where did October go? Next thing I knew it was Trunk or Treat! Last year we had maybe 40 people. We were not the Pastor's of the church yet. We started November 10.
     So I planned on 60 or so. I made the dogs, Pastor called and got a bouncer and cotton candy machine. We had 12 cars signed up to go...... Then it started getting twilight.....

     Car after car started pulling in. I was getting nervous! I found out that the popcorn machine DIDN'T have oil! I frantically called Jesse to go get more pop, dogs and oil!! Still cars kept pulling into the lot. We lost count in all the fun, food and fellowship. The last count taken was 175. That's ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE.

    It was a very fun evening here at Abundant Life Church!


At good friends house tonight.

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I know good and well not to plan. When I make plans nothing ever seems to go according to the plan. I know success is dependent on the planning phase, but why bother if nothing is going to go the way it was planned. So in other words.....why plan?? I suppose it could give me a "ball park" idea. I better plan.

Progress lighting p 4407 77 fiorentino collrction


Look what Matt brought me! I can smell the apple butter and jelly cooking now!


O my gosh!! I finally figured it out!!

SHHHH!!! can you hear it?? Yes that is me.♪ ♫ You can probably hear me singing the hallelujah choirs from where ever you are in the world. I finally figured out how to add my mobile phone to this blogspot and snap photos and blog instantly. Yipee♥♥
;;;;;;; patting self on the back;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Craft room.

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Update: July

Here is a smidgey update from my last blog posting.
The church is going great! July 4th picnic was a blast! VBS is coming soon.

It was a killer season for the morale mushrooms!

Daniel graduated from College and is now a school teacher.

He bought ANOTHER boat. I wish they would get a house real soon! He uses our garage and yard to store them in.

Have been busy keeping up the house. Lost half a tree this week due to a crazy storm and the yard was such a mess!

Jesse had a great 4th of July.

Jesse's collar bone healed fine & dandy. He now is into his 5th week of having a broken leg. He has gone through three casts and currently has that one off too. It caught on fire. Trust me....don't ask. The first one litterally fell off after one week and the second one had an ooopsie occured in the pool. I think if I would have had Daniel and Jesse together in row I wouldn't have Matthew, Joe or Christian.

I have adopted two guinea pigs. I got snooker'd into it. I only wanted one but the humane society said they couldn't be seperated. I was thinking of our 2 beagles and said ok......BUT G!! They fight and carry on in the middle of the night.
I bought a new camera and prompltly lost my usb cord. I have tons of quilt projects on it so as soon as I can remember where I put it I will upload more photos. I hope to keep up with my blogging. Life has really been busy lately. Thanks Suzette for reminding me!


Wild & crazy things have happened this month.
My brother lives in Japan. He was in the earth quake, tsunami, and radiation scare.
Thankfully, my sister in law and my 2 nephews got to fly to USA.

My guinea piggie of almost 8 years passed.

My son left to go live & work in Alaska as a police officer. Yep. So when you watch that show, look for him.

Son #4 had broke his collar bone last year. He snapped it again and needed surgery. When we went to the surgeon, he said nothing was wrong. Then the very same day a major college called him. They will be watching him play baseball. Yipee.

I have lost a total of 22 pounds. I just bought pants in a size smaller. When I got home... THEY are too big! So I now need to buy pants 2 sizes smaller I guess.

Only a few more days of this month left to go... Wonder what April is gonna bring??


Recent happenings

Here is a sample of Matt playing his sax:

I finshed my civil war blocks of the week:

Ready to embark on month 12. I think this will be the most challenging set of blocks that I have ever done.

This week I finished month 11 of the star light BOM.


I Can't believe it! One month has already gone by and I have 4/5 blocks done. This is Barbara Brackman's civil war BOW. Each week she posts a new lesson about the civil war and put up a quilt block to go with it.


Calling everyone!! On Feb 12th @ 6:30pm, we will be having our first Valentine Fiesta Dinner!
What is this?? It will be a pot luck dinner for EVERYONE. You will need to make or bring something Mexican to eat.
You do NOT have to be a couple to participate. It is open to the community. This is a great time of fun, food & fellowship!!
It will be held at:
Abundant Life Church
2100 Hannan Rd
Canton, Mi 48188


Quilting Time

Diane's Round Robin. I added the last row. Now to send it to Canada.

Donna's Round Robin. This one gets sent to California.

Today we had an awesome time in church. I am very thank-full.
I have the best bunch of ladies to work with. They never complain and pitch right in and help me in what ever I feel like doing at the church. They are the best cooks in the whole wide world and can throw a church dinner for 150 together in a drop of a hat.
This is my Wed. Nite class bunch. Sister Ann is the teacher.

This week my goals are as follows:
1). Change domain servers and get a new website. I don't care for how this site is running.
2). Do another block from Barbara Brackman's web site.
3). Do the LAST block from my BOM I started in 2010, and cut out the flower appliques.
4). clean my quilt room so I can find my cricut and then change the bulletin boards at church.
I can't find a thing in this place!!

What are your plans?? Have a great week!



This is an interesting site! I love Barbara Brackman. I bought several of her fabric lines in the past.
I am thinking about following along.


Catch up

*I have a special quilt on the frame. It is very special because it contains fabric from my father-in-laws clothes. I hope to get this done and give it to someone in the family. I can't mention names cause they read my blog...LOL
*Church has taken up quite a bit of time. Work & family leave little time for quilting. I did do some sewing this week. I am working on a twilight quilt as well.
*I joined a birthday swap for 2010. I have over 20 blocks that people sent to me. I will get a photo soon. It is going to be a cool quilt! I asked for valentine day theme 12.5 inch squares. You should see what I got!!
*I joined weight watchers in December...YOu ask why?? Cause I couldn't take it any more and I got scared I would gain even more weight over the holiday. To date I have lost 20 pounds.
My body needs to catch up with the weight loss. Who would have ever thought! I need new clothes too, but that will have to wait.

Have a great day!