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Catch up

*I have a special quilt on the frame. It is very special because it contains fabric from my father-in-laws clothes. I hope to get this done and give it to someone in the family. I can't mention names cause they read my blog...LOL
*Church has taken up quite a bit of time. Work & family leave little time for quilting. I did do some sewing this week. I am working on a twilight quilt as well.
*I joined a birthday swap for 2010. I have over 20 blocks that people sent to me. I will get a photo soon. It is going to be a cool quilt! I asked for valentine day theme 12.5 inch squares. You should see what I got!!
*I joined weight watchers in December...YOu ask why?? Cause I couldn't take it any more and I got scared I would gain even more weight over the holiday. To date I have lost 20 pounds.
My body needs to catch up with the weight loss. Who would have ever thought! I need new clothes too, but that will have to wait.

Have a great day!

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Congratulations for losing weight, Mamacrafty. It is a great accomplishment.
It is so nice to be here again and to read your updates. I am excited to see your new project. I am still on handicrafts now and is about to start a new one. Something that I have never did before. I will post it soon, too. :)