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Very productive day!

Do you see this?? I finally found my label for my Round Robin!
I sure did get a lot of things done today. Cleaned the house & cooked a big dinner. Then after cleaning up again, I went down to the quilty room and worked awhile.
I did some on Michaels b-day quilt. I have to go get more thread. I ran out.
I made 4 new hexagons and I even got 2 bonus ones from the left over triangles, Now how cool is that??



I was out in the yard taking photos when the mail truck pulled up. Out came a big box with my name on it!
Look what my mother sent me!! A MICHE purse! ( I have been wanting one of these like forever and forever!! Then she also sent me perfume. I have the sweetest mom in the world. She sent it because I had been sick. AWWW Thank-you mom!! Love you!! Love the perfume too! I was running very low and it is a blessing!!


Hexagon week 2

Week #2. These things go together rather quickly!!



Been working on several things lately. Got the two quilts done for the downy challenge. Working on my nephews quilt & pillow case. That will go on the frame tomorrow, Lord willing.
I joined the hexagon block of the week. I made 8 blocks this week and the new one comes out tomorrow.
Dakota has been very depressed since buddy died. She only ate 2 bowls of food this week and usually she eats one ++ a day.
I went down to working only 2 twelve hour shifts a week. The money will be a little tighter for awhile until I can adjust our "standard of living" LOL
Esther aliu came out with a new quilt along. I just love her designs! I copied it out and hope to start on it. but I told myself I will not start this one until I finish the last one and my BOM from last year. I started to quilt it and didn't like it so I took it off the frame and now need to do the frooger thingie with it.
Then!! I was all ready to piece together my "Calico GARDENS" I have worked on that for two years, doing the applique. I had all the 9 patches ready to go ( or so I thought) when I laid it out I noticed right away my mistake!! I had enlarged the 4.5" squares to 6.5" But guess what!! I forgot to enlarge the 9 patches! So now I have 98 nine patches that are 4.5". G!! What a bummer.


Another visit to the hospital today. I have never been in so much pain. Tests & new antibiotic I am feeling some what better. The Dr. said they will call if I need to be admitted.
In the mean time. Hubby bought me flowers & I took a few pictures of the yard. My gnome seems to say: "Get busy & plant flowers!!.............If ONLY! I am really tired of feeling cruddy nut muffinish.

My quilt room is calling me to come play..... I must tell it: "wait another day"
Thinking about having the husqvarna looked at. Wished I wouldn't have sold some stuff on ebay.
I slept all night for the first time in like FOREVER! I do feel refreshed but G!! Mother nature in all her wickedness whopped me with not one but 2 zits! And one has to be smack dabbed right in the middle of my nose. Rudolph can't hold a candle to me!
My eyes look like alligators and I have bags & brown circles...The poor patients, they will most likely offer me to lye down on their beds thinking I am sicker than them....LOL


The passing of Buddy

Buddy passed today. He almost made it to the exact day we picked him out at the humane society 16 years ago, He was one year old, house broken and very kind, gentle and loving. I think he was so thank-full to be coming home to a house that had three boys ready to love & play with him. Soon to be four!

Buddy "attended" more church services, home concerts, plays and parties than any one could count. He was the best dressed dog for awhile. He could shake hands and welcome you into our home. When he would "bark" it sounded something like a rooster waking you up in the morning.

We are all going to miss him dearly. He was a beloved pet.


Pluggin along

As I am sewing strips on my absolutely ugly blocks, I started to make a string along.



If you are looking for a little fun and want to swap.....Look at this blog! I hope you join in the fun and I get to swap with you!!

Spoiled dogs

The Cherry tree is in bloom, but it looks really sparse this year. Dan has been replacing boards on the fence. We are going to paint it white. See that square opening?? Yep, the dogs now have a peep hole so they can see out better....ROFL!!
I have the ugly squares all sewn and just need to trim a few. Then the sewing frenzy will begin to put them all together. I also am working on a surprise!! BUT I can't unveil it until I am ready.......I don't want this to become a UFO.


A sneak Peek

Here is some of the blocks I played with. I still need to trim. I am not sure if I want to leave it as it is or "showcase" The ugliness with a white sashing in between rows??

The Ugliest Quilt in America

On the night of April 5th an unusual thought was birthed in my mind. I will make a quilt. Although the making of a quilt in itself is not unusual for me, the type of quilt that I thought of is.
This quilt will be magnanimously UGLY, utterly! Blue ribbon humdinger for sure!
All rules of color coordination will be thrown to the wind like leaves on a windy October day.

I was in an "anything goes" 9 patch block swap. Trust me! Anything went! The blocks are 9.5" and anybody who knows me would know that I like 12.5". So I got a dandy idea from Swooze. Use up scraps!! (Lord knows I have (3) 20 gallon tubs of the stuff.)
I dug through and pulled out 2" strips. Ironed & cut (9.5" and 13" inch) Why 13" when the blocks are 12.5"?? Well let's just say the extra is for oopsies and will be trimmed when I get them finished. Thus I embarked on a sewing frenzy...not even coming up for a sip of coffee!!

I didn't try to match anything. I just picked up a strip and went with it. Bonnie Hunter would be so proud of me! So, sometime last night I came up for air and took inventory of my accomplishment. What do you think of the progress so far?? Kinda messy right??
Ugliness Rules!


L@@k what I got done today! OWL love it!! I made me not only one but two pin cushions!!
I got the idea from: Craft & things page 107.

New post: Owly Adorable

I was looking through one of my craft magazines for a new king kong size pin cushion. I came across this adorable owl. I made it three times the size it was supposed to be. Will post more pix once I get the blanket stiches done, the buttons, whistles & bells finished.
I made it to third place! I am really happy. I don't get anything for coming in third, but still that means more to me than any thing.
Dr has me off yet another week. I kinda, slightly miss work.

Dan is fixing the fence. Jesse is off of school for a week due to spring break. The weather is nice. The house is clean. The flowers are in bloom.
What more could you ask for? I guess I should mess around in my studio?? Create something crafty??


Do You see it?? OR should I say NOT see it?? See the space right between the big white bunny?? It use to sit there. It was really pretty. I had it for years. It was from an exchange student. IT IS GONE!! You and I both know it didn't get up and hop away.


Please vote for my quilt

Easter baskets by mamacrafty. Thanks!!


Dan knew I was feeling a little low so he took me to "therapy".

This is what I walked out of the quilt store with. What pattern should I do and what do you think of it?? I have 9 yards total.