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The Ugliest Quilt in America

On the night of April 5th an unusual thought was birthed in my mind. I will make a quilt. Although the making of a quilt in itself is not unusual for me, the type of quilt that I thought of is.
This quilt will be magnanimously UGLY, utterly! Blue ribbon humdinger for sure!
All rules of color coordination will be thrown to the wind like leaves on a windy October day.

I was in an "anything goes" 9 patch block swap. Trust me! Anything went! The blocks are 9.5" and anybody who knows me would know that I like 12.5". So I got a dandy idea from Swooze. Use up scraps!! (Lord knows I have (3) 20 gallon tubs of the stuff.)
I dug through and pulled out 2" strips. Ironed & cut (9.5" and 13" inch) Why 13" when the blocks are 12.5"?? Well let's just say the extra is for oopsies and will be trimmed when I get them finished. Thus I embarked on a sewing frenzy...not even coming up for a sip of coffee!!

I didn't try to match anything. I just picked up a strip and went with it. Bonnie Hunter would be so proud of me! So, sometime last night I came up for air and took inventory of my accomplishment. What do you think of the progress so far?? Kinda messy right??
Ugliness Rules!

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