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Our church "adopted" a child from The Smoky Mountain Children's home. Tonight everyone is bringing in items. I am donating this mini quilt.

Today I went to the hospital and got my records from my testing yesterday. There is a 2.1 cm hyperechoic mass in the left lobe of the liver and a 5.2 cm mass in the right upper lobe. It is now recommending a MRI to correlate dx of hemangiomas. I wish they would've cut to the chase and just did an MRI. So now next visit is this Friday to my PCP. I do not like waiting!


Liver ultrasound w/ duplex done today. Waiting for results.
P.s. Kelly. I will let you know what happens. You know the family can spread news faster than the wind. I thought you already knew. Sorry. No need me getting worried, unless I am told so.
On the up side: I can't wait for the biggest loser to come on tv tonight and I plan to do some quilting!~! Uncle Danny is going to the homeless shelter. It is the last night of the season. I feel so sorry for those that don't have plans in place.


Look at this cute little lamb I found at Hobby Lobby.


Jesse's First day at work. I couldn't resist driving up there and snaping a photo!
Jesse getting ready for his first job!


Running up to Speed

This past month has been both sad & happy. I was overwhelmed with working 2 full time jobs & making sure family was ok. I started having stomach pains and the next thing I knew, the Dr. took me off work! Went to see a surgeon cause the Dr. Dx me with a hernia. CT later showed: a small right hernia, a cyst on my left kidney and 2 masses the size of golf balls on/in my liver. So now I am scheduled for a US of the liver. I am sure the Lord has every thing in control and He is just giving me some time off work.
In the mean time. I got my quilting studio/room up and running.
I have finished 2 queen size quilts. One mini quilt for a childrens hospital in PA (downey corp)