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Saturday sewing

Today I decided to finish my January Bunny tail block of the month (BOM)
Here is what I ended up with. I decided to use my left over scraps from my quilt shop club BOM. I know each month I will have scraps left over and can use them to make a coordinating quilt. won't that be fun??

In the mean time, while I was at work last night I printed out "Foolish goose tracks". You can find this BOM pattern at:
I decided I am going to do what my friends from Europe taught me. This is the lesson I learned:

"Fabric is hard to come by and you use what you have on hand. If you do not have enough of a certain color, it is OK to use another fabric in the same line as long as it has the same color value"
Did that make sense?? I am glad I know what I mean...rofl



When I got home from work last night, I finished up my LQS BOM. Notice the middle 9" block? It drives me crazy that my points are perfect. Quilt police please don't ticket me.......LOL

Then I prepped a January applique block, so that I will have something to do when I don't have a thing to do....rofl

Then over at Heathers site she has a pieced BOM going on her link is:


LOOK at this! Hurry!

O mY gosh!~! Run over and check this out! Look at that darling mini tote! Please leave a comment and tell her I sent you. I REALLY want to win!



I went to the LQS today. I had a minor snafu and I wasn't happy with my points on my 9 inch star block. When I got my replacement fabric I noticed it was not the same as the one I had at home. Come to find out, I was given the correct pattern but the wrong fabric for the scrappy star quilt. (They have 2 different BOM's going on at the same time) They were very nice about it and I didn't have to buy the new set all over. I really like the fabric I got today. What do you think about the colors?


I have been keeping running total of intake & output of my fabric. I am keeping the totals on the bottom of my blog. This is the situation: I went to my LQS and joined their BOM. I thought it would get me out of the house and have the ability to go somewhere else other than church or work. I do not know if I should add the total yardage for the whole quilt now or wait monthly and add it FQ by FQ.

I usually never frequent this quilt store because in the past they have been unfriendly and some times rude. I will never forget the time I came in and the lady said: "O it's you" G!!! Needless to say I didn't buy anything and drove an additional 30 minuets to another store.

I am terribly sorry I buy 20 pieces of fabric at 1/4 yard each...rofl

Lately I went back and they were extremely friendly, very help full and had a nice display. (I even bought fabric and thread I didn't plan on getting.) They told me that were going to be in a quilting magazine in May 2009, for shop hop. This is very exciting for them. I think with the change they will do good.



Tonight Lauren came over and we had a scrap book night. We made 4 pages. What a ball! But G scrap booking sure does make a mess! Thank goodness she is a great daughter in law and helped clean it up!

I got my 2007 BOM quilt on the frame. I hope to have it done by the end of the week. Then it will be another UFO done!

Then I am saving the best for last. I made myself a little treat today. I had the pattern and I had been wanting to make myself one. I don't have it done, so I am not showing the picture or telling you what it is. I am a little disappointed that one ear went wonkie eyed. But I am sure with practice the next one will turn out better. Guess what type of fabric I used for my project?? POLKA~DOTS!! Yeah!~! Lets hear it for POLKA~DOTS!!


polka dotted craze

I added 2 yards to my stash, but plan to use these immediately! I love polka dotted fabrics!~!

I went to the quilt store yesterday. I needed more pink dolka dot fabric. O my gosh the girls were so nice. I am thinking about going back tomorrow to join their BOM club. I am almost done making my 130 (3.5") 9 patches. From (double delight) I am going cross eyed!


Today is almost over

Have a look at Foster. Something is really wrong with that dog! He is always picking something up and carrying it around. It is really funny to drop work gloves and see how many he can try to fit into his mouth. I bought him little teddy bears and fuzzy toys. In this picture he is carrying Jesse's hat he got from AE. O my gosh! I am glad I got it before he got another hat!
My Husband came home today and he brought me the most coolest presents! He knows exactly what I like! Hand dipped chocolates, a chocolate rose. cinnamon coffee, cinnamon sticks and look at those adorable dog bone cookie cutters! Now I don't have to use the flower cookie cutter! Then no one in the house won't confuse which cookie' s are really for the dogs!~! (ROFL!~! THAT is another story I will save for some future blog)

I finished Debra's quilt today. I put the label on so now it officially done.
UFO #1 of 2009

Productive weekend

This weekend we were supposed to go to Chicago. I hurt my back and went to the DR last Monday. They couldn't get me into physical therapy until today. A whole week! Any way. My husband went to see his family and I got the whole weekend to quilt! Minus a few taxi rides here and there for Jesse. (by the way he can start drivers training next month! Isn't that scary!!) Back to the story:
I pinned the binding for Debra's quilt.
Got to step 5 on my double delight.
Cleaned my quilt room.
Went to Joannes. This time I told them to review the tapes from last Wednesday as the lady in front of me was stealing. THAT would be a very long story but I will tell it later today. I bought 3 battings and got some more pink polka dotted fabric.
OOOps I have to dash. Have to be at the hospital at 8am!


Debra's Quilt

Here is a ufo I am working on. It is Debra's quilt. Once it is done I am sending it to my SIL in WVa.
I got my Juki all oiled up and it seems to be running better, thank the Lord! I went to Joanne's today to buy 1 yard of brown polka dot & 3 rolls of batting. The line to have the fabric cut had at least 12 people in it, everyone had their carts full. After waiting 10 minuets and the line didn't move I decided to go to customer service to ask if there was anyone else to help cut fabrics. On my way I noticed the line to check out had about 15!! people in it. Only one girl at the customer service desk. she said that they were the only TWO people! O my word, Needless to say I left with out making any purchases. If I would have stayed it would have taken over one hour! Today is my day off and I have quilting to do! I felt really bad for my hubby who stayed out in the car and took a nap....rofl If I would have stayed he REALLY would have gotten a LOOOOONG nap.The fireplace looks so pretty tonight. I thought I would snap a photo. I have it all decorated for Valentines Day. I just love my cupid figurines!


Pinwheel & Posies

Stayed up late last night working on this project. I made the middle block, but together all the shashing rows, then I added the fused flowers. I only need to sew around the flowers. I was thinking of doing it straight stitch and have a "tattered" flower effect. I wonder what Beth is going to do in Feb for her new BOM?? http://www.applewd,com/

I do not live far from her and I never met her, but I like her BOM's and I make it each year.

I can't wait for the next installment of red delicious! I went to Joanne's today and bought some more polka dot fabric in reds & browns. I am on a polka dot kick. Joanne's is having a really good sale and it figures that this is not my pay week! NUTZ!~! I did get some batting so I can start quilting some of my tops. I think I have 37 tops that need to be quilted. and over 30 UFO'S.

I joined a UFO group and hope to be made the ufo queen this year. I was going to go on a "NO BUY" diet but I figured it would hurt our economy more if I stopped buying fabric. My mother (bless her heart) sent me 7 yards of really cool oriental fabrics. I folded them nicely and put them on my shelve. I think I am going to start a running tab like swooze & some other girls do on their blog about fabric in and fabric out... a running total of UFO's completed in 2009. If I was to list all the UFO's on the side bar you would go blind from trying to read all of them! Later I think I will fold my tops and get a pix of them. You would be shocked! I might start taking tops and using them for backings so I can get it done. I wonder if that would count for two UFO"S??

What do you think of that Beth??


Double delight

Now that Ihave my simply done. I am working on "double delight" @
This is the colors I am using, they are all polka dotted! I just love them!

Simply Done

Here is my version on "Simply Treasures". I consider this top officially done. It is ready to be quilted. I might add a 4 inch sash all around prior to doing this, but it already hangs over my queen size bed just fine.

What do you think of it??

Simply Scrappy Treasures

Last year I decided I was going to use some of my scraps that I have stored in a bin. Mind you it is not just any ordinary bin but a whopping 40 gallon tote. I am ashamed to admit I have 2 of these. I have one down in the basement. Anyway.......

When Claudias quilt shop came out with "Simply scrappy treasures"

I just knew it was my kind of a quilt! I kept up with the monthly BOM's. Yesterday I decided that I am going to sew it all together. I stored the blocks in my "ufo" tub. As I was putting together the blocks I decided to substitute some of the other blocks I had stored it that UFO thingie also. I had left over Christmas blocks, some 1970's fabric made into star blocks.....swap 5 inch squares....
I am up to section 5! I hope to get this done so that I can get back to working on my double delight.
This past week my hubby went out and bought me another set of shelving units. I emptied another tub of fabrics and have them on the new shelves. I need more of those plastic forms, NUTS!
I also cleaned the dreaded closet. I can now safely open it and not worry something is going to come flying out and hit me in the head.
What do you think of my scrappy treasures?? You can double click on the photo to enlarge the details.


Double delight

I started the New Years eve mystery on
Bonnie has the coolest mysteries! This is step #1. I changed the colors around. For blue it is brown with white polka dots and the brown is green with white polka dots. The gold cheddar is orange with tiny polka dots. I have several different colors of pink. They are all polka dotted too! I am waiting for quilty friend to send me white with pink polka dot heart fabric. I am swapping some civil war.

Then today I went out to IKEA and bought another shelving unit. I cleaned my dreaded craft closet out.

Fabric stash

Here is a photo of my closet. I had to hurry & open the door, snap the photo and shut it quickly before anything flew out and hit me. I think it is time to clean the closet don't you??

Here is a photo of my current stash.



I ran a satin stitch using red silk thread. I was concerned that you wouldn't be able to see the out lines, But I think it turned out just OK. I am cruddy at sewing around the little tiny circles, I should have cut them perfectly round. It does give it character...rofl


Well I suppose you can tell a lot about a person from the way their blogspot looks. I have spent 30 minuets tweaking it again. What do you think about it?

Happy New Year! I hope everyone who reads this has a blessed year!

I came across this web site having a BOM. On one of my yahoo groups they were talking about this lady. I decided to check it out and BOY am I glad i did! I just love all her work! her name is Esther Aliu.

I am doing her RED DELICIOUS BOM. Here is a peek at what I have got done so far. I plan to satin stitch around using silk thread.