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Tonight Lauren came over and we had a scrap book night. We made 4 pages. What a ball! But G scrap booking sure does make a mess! Thank goodness she is a great daughter in law and helped clean it up!

I got my 2007 BOM quilt on the frame. I hope to have it done by the end of the week. Then it will be another UFO done!

Then I am saving the best for last. I made myself a little treat today. I had the pattern and I had been wanting to make myself one. I don't have it done, so I am not showing the picture or telling you what it is. I am a little disappointed that one ear went wonkie eyed. But I am sure with practice the next one will turn out better. Guess what type of fabric I used for my project?? POLKA~DOTS!! Yeah!~! Lets hear it for POLKA~DOTS!!

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