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Today is almost over

Have a look at Foster. Something is really wrong with that dog! He is always picking something up and carrying it around. It is really funny to drop work gloves and see how many he can try to fit into his mouth. I bought him little teddy bears and fuzzy toys. In this picture he is carrying Jesse's hat he got from AE. O my gosh! I am glad I got it before he got another hat!
My Husband came home today and he brought me the most coolest presents! He knows exactly what I like! Hand dipped chocolates, a chocolate rose. cinnamon coffee, cinnamon sticks and look at those adorable dog bone cookie cutters! Now I don't have to use the flower cookie cutter! Then no one in the house won't confuse which cookie' s are really for the dogs!~! (ROFL!~! THAT is another story I will save for some future blog)

I finished Debra's quilt today. I put the label on so now it officially done.
UFO #1 of 2009

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