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Productive weekend

This weekend we were supposed to go to Chicago. I hurt my back and went to the DR last Monday. They couldn't get me into physical therapy until today. A whole week! Any way. My husband went to see his family and I got the whole weekend to quilt! Minus a few taxi rides here and there for Jesse. (by the way he can start drivers training next month! Isn't that scary!!) Back to the story:
I pinned the binding for Debra's quilt.
Got to step 5 on my double delight.
Cleaned my quilt room.
Went to Joannes. This time I told them to review the tapes from last Wednesday as the lady in front of me was stealing. THAT would be a very long story but I will tell it later today. I bought 3 battings and got some more pink polka dotted fabric.
OOOps I have to dash. Have to be at the hospital at 8am!

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Kathy Wagner said...

Oh your blocks look yummy!