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Pinwheel & Posies

Stayed up late last night working on this project. I made the middle block, but together all the shashing rows, then I added the fused flowers. I only need to sew around the flowers. I was thinking of doing it straight stitch and have a "tattered" flower effect. I wonder what Beth is going to do in Feb for her new BOM?? http://www.applewd,com/

I do not live far from her and I never met her, but I like her BOM's and I make it each year.

I can't wait for the next installment of red delicious! I went to Joanne's today and bought some more polka dot fabric in reds & browns. I am on a polka dot kick. Joanne's is having a really good sale and it figures that this is not my pay week! NUTZ!~! I did get some batting so I can start quilting some of my tops. I think I have 37 tops that need to be quilted. and over 30 UFO'S.

I joined a UFO group and hope to be made the ufo queen this year. I was going to go on a "NO BUY" diet but I figured it would hurt our economy more if I stopped buying fabric. My mother (bless her heart) sent me 7 yards of really cool oriental fabrics. I folded them nicely and put them on my shelve. I think I am going to start a running tab like swooze & some other girls do on their blog about fabric in and fabric out... a running total of UFO's completed in 2009. If I was to list all the UFO's on the side bar you would go blind from trying to read all of them! Later I think I will fold my tops and get a pix of them. You would be shocked! I might start taking tops and using them for backings so I can get it done. I wonder if that would count for two UFO"S??

What do you think of that Beth??


Beth said...

Well you would be able to cross 2 UFOs off your list that way but each finished project only counts as a single finish....Nice try though ;)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Amazing work again, Mamacrafty. :)
I will keep checking 'till it's done...

creativedawn said...

Awesome beautiful ...