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I have been keeping running total of intake & output of my fabric. I am keeping the totals on the bottom of my blog. This is the situation: I went to my LQS and joined their BOM. I thought it would get me out of the house and have the ability to go somewhere else other than church or work. I do not know if I should add the total yardage for the whole quilt now or wait monthly and add it FQ by FQ.

I usually never frequent this quilt store because in the past they have been unfriendly and some times rude. I will never forget the time I came in and the lady said: "O it's you" G!!! Needless to say I didn't buy anything and drove an additional 30 minuets to another store.

I am terribly sorry I buy 20 pieces of fabric at 1/4 yard each...rofl

Lately I went back and they were extremely friendly, very help full and had a nice display. (I even bought fabric and thread I didn't plan on getting.) They told me that were going to be in a quilting magazine in May 2009, for shop hop. This is very exciting for them. I think with the change they will do good.

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