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MayBelle post:
◄ 1 Corinthians 8:9 ►
"But take heed lest by any means this liberty of your's become a stumbling block to them that are weak."
I was reminded of this verse today by mom. She found my contraband under the dining room table. She would have never known, if it wasn't for me crunching on the candy cane, that I stole from the tree. Then to make matters worse, I involved my sweet brother Red. I taught him how to nab them. Now Red has an acquired taste for them. To make matters doubly worse, mom REMOVED them from the tree‼️ Now what am I to do?


MayBelle post: The kids came over to help me put together my gingerbread house, and put up the tree. Dad finally got his train from Walmart. We're going to put it around the tree and mom is going to put her village together. I promised that I wouldn't touch it. On a side note: I did lick the gingerbread house and try to eat it when no one was looking, but mom has eyes in the back of her head and caught me. Shucks!
Making memories! #maybellesgingerbreadhouse


Hi! MayBelle here; I am posting today because I think mom is a little upset with me. I think I heard her mention something about "Free to a good home".....But since then I have been on my best behavior! Monday I had to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM because I thought leaves, styrofoam, rocks and kitty litter were tasty! Millions of dollars later, mom was complaining about paying $60.00 for an enema.... She said: "I'm in the wrong line of work!"
For now, I am under constant watch and supervision. Geesh! You would think I had committed a crime. During the past week, I learned my name, come when called, and I fully understand that shoes are off limits, even though I try to taste them still. Got to go! So many things to learn and explore!I will keep you updated!

MayBelle post: I'm in the dog house, once again! I may not be able to come out. I think I'm going to get a life sentence. I was taking my homeland security job very serious. I was trying to hide my deleted emails.... When, you got it, MOM walked in.
MayBelle update: Dad commuted my sentence. He didn't like the couch since it arrived.
#mayBelleforpresident # MayBellepost #MayBelleSmitherman #Maybellesabaddog

MayBelle Post:
Well... I think I did it this time! I won an award‼️ see my new ribbon award prominently placed? For you other canine species that are wondering how I got such an awesome award, let me tell you:
With my Mom being a nurse, and all, I thought that I would situate her elf in a pose that stated: "Help‼️ I've fallen and I can't get up‼️" And, since I was feeling so good about myself, I had a relapse. I accidentally tasted another pair of mom's "interview/office shoes". As you can see, mom whipped out her paper, glue, markers, and sparkly ribbon. Next thing I know, there is a sign dangling around my neck‼️ Don't you think I won an outstanding award?🐾 #freedog #maybellediditagain #exhaustedmom