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MayBelle Post:
Well... I think I did it this time! I won an award‼️ see my new ribbon award prominently placed? For you other canine species that are wondering how I got such an awesome award, let me tell you:
With my Mom being a nurse, and all, I thought that I would situate her elf in a pose that stated: "Help‼️ I've fallen and I can't get up‼️" And, since I was feeling so good about myself, I had a relapse. I accidentally tasted another pair of mom's "interview/office shoes". As you can see, mom whipped out her paper, glue, markers, and sparkly ribbon. Next thing I know, there is a sign dangling around my neck‼️ Don't you think I won an outstanding award?🐾 #freedog #maybellediditagain #exhaustedmom

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