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Lots of photos!!

round robin- I added the pot & vines & braided border.
round robin- I added the flying geese.
round robin- I added the stars
scrappy house block swap

Busy, Busy, Busy!! that's all I can say.
Since my last post, we have become the senior pastor's at our church. This is a very exciting time!
I made 2 quilts, and did 3 round rounds and have 2 more to do. Here is some photos and the link to our church.


Life Happened

Home coming: Jesse & Jessica.
Baby blanket using the quilt as u go technique.

Personalized baby wipes

Baby tote I made. Embroidered name & teddy on front. Cool colors! who would have thought lilac, brown and teal could go for a boy?


Do you remember how I said: "I am making a quilt for myself?" Well, forget it! A baby shower came along, then I forgot all about Christmas! Yes Christmas! So this am I am loading up a quilt on the frame and going to get crackling. This past week brought Jesse's home coming, his first varsity touch down & baby shower. For the baby shower I did something different. I got an idea from my niece Kelley. You take a baby wipes plastic box & hot glue fabric & embellish, embroider name and walla~ a personalised case. (see photo)


I came across this blog today. I am going to make a quilt!! That is nothing new in itself! But it is for me. BY the word "me" I mean my family. We need some warm quilts to snuggle under & when we had company come visit recently, I realized we needed more quilts. I ran out of batting and since they closed our Hancocks, Joanne's and Minnesota fabric shops I decided to buy off the internet. I got a pretty good deal on wool batting. I bought three! I can't find my usb cord for my camera. I have new pictures I need to show you!


Table Quilt & Bean meister

The Bean meister @ work: Only one more bushel to go....48 quarts down.
Then as promised here is one of the projects I have been working on. Since we live in an old farm house. I try to make everything look "older" LOL


Gift in the mail

Today I got the mini quilt swap delivered to my home! Yeah Mee!
I opened up the squishey and found a beautiful quilt, 2 fat quarters and a book on decorating for the seasons! I am tickled pink!! Thank-you very much mystery person in TN!! I can't wait to find out who you are!!! HUGS!! I put the mini quilt to good use right away!!



This is Anne's quilt label I made for her and the little journal I bought.

Receipt that I mailed the round robin to Anne.
2 people haven't got their round robin packages as of yet. Of course one of the ladies is one that I SENT THE PACKAGE TO! I checked the address and it is correct. I mailed out two small squishes with this one and the other ladies have emailed me to let me know they got their package. Has this ever happened to anyone and what did you do??

HUGS!!This is Diane's center block for our round robin.



Anne's center

Got Anne's center done.


Round Robin #2

I asked for it and I got it!~!
I am not only in ONE but TWO!!!
T-W-O round robins! Yeah me!
Here is a photo of round robin #2
It is in a harvest type of thing. I love the fall. Fall is my favorite time of year.
Now round robin #1. Awhile back remember I was having a pity party and to celebrate it, my husband took me to Joann's and I spent! I ended up with Debbie Mumm's coffee theme fabric in the colors of brown, teal, chartruese and creams. I made up a block and sent about 1.5 yards of different fabrics with it. I hope that quilt turns out good. That is a present to myself.

Here is the photo:

Since I was talking about round robins.....In my last post I told you that I started a yahoo group RRQUILTING

I had another lady join (Anne) a little late so this now makes 7!! Thanks Anne!!

We readjusted everything and mailed the centers out. 2 is still not there yet. I hate when snail mail goes wrong.Here is Anne's center I am working on. I decided to go scrappy and do log cabin blocks. I will post my finished product in a couple of days.


Round Robin

I wanted to do a round robin. I had looked for several online clubs/groups but no one was starting one. So I started my own yahoo group. rrquilting.
A few months ago I bought some Debbie Mumm fabrics in "Coffee" theme. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, so I put it on shelf. I went through my orphan block box to fish out a center square to use for my round robin. Nothing really "spoke" to me. Then I eyeballed the coffee fabric! YES!!! It would be perfect.
I went to and looked up a block to make. I decided on union square.
Here is a little eye candy of previous round robins.


What a week!~!

What a week! This past week has been jammed packed with activities. First off, Monday brought the Ministers Banquet. We had the pleasure of sitting with old friends we haven't seen in quite a long time. God has sure moved in their lives. We got to talk about the trials and tribulations that were attacking on every avenue a few years ago. Although we couldn't see it at the time God was preparing! Yes preparing and EQUIPPING. Now, a few years later down the road if trials hadn't previously came back then would we be able to do the things that need to be done NOW?? Would we have the stamina?
Camp meeting is always a good thing. Not only do you get to catch up with friends but it makes you look at the bigger picture of Kingdom work. It is just not YOU & YOU alone. One tends to think of only the community church and surrounding areas, BUT when the whole STATE joins in....WOW!~!
The week brought insight, entertainment and encouragement. Let me tell you about the last part: Encouragement.
It was during the Ladies Luncheon that I became encouraged. I had the greatest of honours and privilege to sit at our States First Lady table!! O my word!~! But I will save that story for another day. Trust me it will be a good one........
The topic was "Kick off your SHOES" Joshua 1:3 "I will give you every place where you set your foot..." The speaker was of course none other than our First Lady: Wendy Corder.
During this mini sermon the main focus that was stirred with in my spirit was: It's OK to take off your shoes and be planted and serve right where you are. Claim your ground, don't take no for an answer. Win back your community. We have a promise! Every where we set our feet it will be given to us!
The whole week had been leading to this light bulb going on experience. Trials and tribulations only make us stronger. What a blessing to have them, but even more so of a BLESSING is when you get to the realization that those trials have been turned around to our GOOD. God sure did move this week.
This last photo shows people worshipping, even though the power had gone out because of a bad storm. How awesome is that??


Romika's Present!!

Look what arrived at my door today! It is a Package from my friend Romika. (Robyn)........................Way over there-----------> in Australia!! The package is HUGE! At first I was like: "Is this really for me?" sure enough my name is on the box.
Upon opening it up I was greeted with the usual bubble wrap. THEN after removing that I came across Fabric! (Every quilters dream!) It was "Bush fruit dreaming design " by: Doris Nampitjinpa. You gotta love the selvages on them!

Next I grabbed the Dark Chocolate covered strawberry licorice. O my GOSH!! is that stuff good! I ate 3/4 the bag before I could dig out anything else! (Then I noticed it is 117 calories per servings, with 7 servings in the whole bag....You do the math. I don't want to...LOL)
Then in the cutest little box tied with ribbon was this owl mug. How special! I had sent her an owl pin cushion and now I have the gorgeous mug to remind me of her every morning!

Then when I thought it couldn't get better than this I see a bird pin cushion! How adorable!! Bird soap, a dragonfly applique and see that frog?? I hear from other bloggers that they are super delish! I can't wait to try it!
Maybe I will split it, maybe not.
I wonder how you know Romika that I like birds, dragonflies, frogs and owls?? AND my favorite candy is licorice? It is like having: Christmas, my Birthday and Anniversary all rolled in! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Then last but not least, the book worm of the family grabbed this. I might have to wait until he is done reading it before I get a chance to peek at it! Dan sends his many THANKS FOR SENDING THE BOOK.

I love everything! You are so special and I am very thankful and BLESSED to have you as a friend. God Bless you!~!



Look Who dropped in for a visit today!! It's our grandpuppy!!
His dad had to work on his boat.


Mother's Day

WOW!! What a memorable Mother's Day!

The day before my hubby gave me $$ to go to the quilt store & buy fabric.

Then First thing on Mother's Day my youngest was standing at the bottom of the stairs when I first came down in the morning, holding a candle & card. "Happy Mothers Day!" He proclaimed. HE remembered!! (maybe it was the daily reminders I had given?) So on I go.........

It was during church the ladies got carnations, to remind them they are beautiful!

AFTER church the men had dinner all ready. The foyer was decorated in pink with flowers every where. Little mini "menus" were on each table. Then they had waiters!! A decision of: Stuffed pork loin, Talapia, Barbecue chicken, couscous (sp), rice & vegies, Grilled vegies, Salad, Ice cream & cake was hard to make. I wanted dessert first but my waiter said that was improper?? G!

After a nice dinner & NO CLEAN UP we headed home. Son #3 had a card sitting on the table (he had to work) He gave me a preloaded visa card. How cool! I get to go to the fabric store again and not feel guilty about spending big bucks....LOL. His girlfriend text'd me wishing me a Happy Mothers Day.

Son #2 presented his gift. A nail kit with money attached and a card. The card read like this: Happy mothers day!!!! (pink one in picture) Open it up: "Thanks mom for everything......Including this paper" Love Matt....LOL He used my scrap booking paper. Gotta give him extra credit for that one. But this mama doesn't keep count.

Then later on my Son#1 & daughter~in~law came over they brought a dozen roses and a necklace hand made.

We topped the evening off with a trip to Mickey's (everyone's favorite ice cream place).

It was such a blessing to have my kids around me on this special day!! My sister~in~law was up for a visit. I thank God.



Sunday Best

Today I was blessed with not one, not two but THREE!! quilting books!! Thank-you Randa!~! I really appreciated them!
This weekend we had a mini vacation. On the spur of the moment we threw everything in our fifth wheel and took off. We went to Zeeland, Michigan. I found a really cool christian resale shop. It was quite refreshing. I bought two antique tea cups with matching saucers. I will post pictures of my week #3 hexagons tomorrow. I plan on doing them tonight.


Very productive day!

Do you see this?? I finally found my label for my Round Robin!
I sure did get a lot of things done today. Cleaned the house & cooked a big dinner. Then after cleaning up again, I went down to the quilty room and worked awhile.
I did some on Michaels b-day quilt. I have to go get more thread. I ran out.
I made 4 new hexagons and I even got 2 bonus ones from the left over triangles, Now how cool is that??