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Romika's Present!!

Look what arrived at my door today! It is a Package from my friend Romika. (Robyn)........................Way over there-----------> in Australia!! The package is HUGE! At first I was like: "Is this really for me?" sure enough my name is on the box.
Upon opening it up I was greeted with the usual bubble wrap. THEN after removing that I came across Fabric! (Every quilters dream!) It was "Bush fruit dreaming design " by: Doris Nampitjinpa. You gotta love the selvages on them!

Next I grabbed the Dark Chocolate covered strawberry licorice. O my GOSH!! is that stuff good! I ate 3/4 the bag before I could dig out anything else! (Then I noticed it is 117 calories per servings, with 7 servings in the whole bag....You do the math. I don't want to...LOL)
Then in the cutest little box tied with ribbon was this owl mug. How special! I had sent her an owl pin cushion and now I have the gorgeous mug to remind me of her every morning!

Then when I thought it couldn't get better than this I see a bird pin cushion! How adorable!! Bird soap, a dragonfly applique and see that frog?? I hear from other bloggers that they are super delish! I can't wait to try it!
Maybe I will split it, maybe not.
I wonder how you know Romika that I like birds, dragonflies, frogs and owls?? AND my favorite candy is licorice? It is like having: Christmas, my Birthday and Anniversary all rolled in! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Then last but not least, the book worm of the family grabbed this. I might have to wait until he is done reading it before I get a chance to peek at it! Dan sends his many THANKS FOR SENDING THE BOOK.

I love everything! You are so special and I am very thankful and BLESSED to have you as a friend. God Bless you!~!

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Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

WOW what a great treat!!! i want a scrapbook buddy like that-hehe.. Me and Steff trade stuff back and fourth so i know how fun it is to get new stuff.. BUT all the way from Australia is grand!! luv all your treats!!! luv u!!