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Mother's Day

WOW!! What a memorable Mother's Day!

The day before my hubby gave me $$ to go to the quilt store & buy fabric.

Then First thing on Mother's Day my youngest was standing at the bottom of the stairs when I first came down in the morning, holding a candle & card. "Happy Mothers Day!" He proclaimed. HE remembered!! (maybe it was the daily reminders I had given?) So on I go.........

It was during church the ladies got carnations, to remind them they are beautiful!

AFTER church the men had dinner all ready. The foyer was decorated in pink with flowers every where. Little mini "menus" were on each table. Then they had waiters!! A decision of: Stuffed pork loin, Talapia, Barbecue chicken, couscous (sp), rice & vegies, Grilled vegies, Salad, Ice cream & cake was hard to make. I wanted dessert first but my waiter said that was improper?? G!

After a nice dinner & NO CLEAN UP we headed home. Son #3 had a card sitting on the table (he had to work) He gave me a preloaded visa card. How cool! I get to go to the fabric store again and not feel guilty about spending big bucks....LOL. His girlfriend text'd me wishing me a Happy Mothers Day.

Son #2 presented his gift. A nail kit with money attached and a card. The card read like this: Happy mothers day!!!! (pink one in picture) Open it up: "Thanks mom for everything......Including this paper" Love Matt....LOL He used my scrap booking paper. Gotta give him extra credit for that one. But this mama doesn't keep count.

Then later on my Son#1 & daughter~in~law came over they brought a dozen roses and a necklace hand made.

We topped the evening off with a trip to Mickey's (everyone's favorite ice cream place).

It was such a blessing to have my kids around me on this special day!! My sister~in~law was up for a visit. I thank God.


Elaine Adair said...

What a super duper Mother's Day - they don't get much better than all that attention and appreciation!

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

Sounds your the lil cousins did well for mothers Day!! hehe.. Sounds like U racked up.. I am happy for u!!
and I do love some Mickeys Ice Cream.. yum yum!! nuttin like it!!