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The shoe Queen

I have to admit it, I am a shoe hoarder. I cleaned out my closets, looked under my bed. Dug through my sewing room, checked the mud room, located a few in the back of my van and even located a pair in the garage. I am the shoe queen!~!. I cannot pass up a good pair of shoes! I cannot buy an outfit with out getting matching shoes. I have 64 plus pairs. My name is Paulette and I am an admitted shoe hog.


I got my step #4 done for orange crush mystery. Mine is called civil crush.

Fairy Godmother

Yesterday before work the guy in the little brown truck made a special stop at my door. WOW!~! it was the box big! Who would be sending something so big? and expecially with postal costs these days. I hadn't ordered anything.

Upon opening my box I found a large green sparkly giftie bag. UGH let's get to the goodies! It is like Christmas! So I had to open that! Then to my utter amazement and shock the most beautiful moda fabric was all nestled together. It looks about 8 to 10 yards of eggplant/ fern green outdoor backwoods. I am flabbergasted! Even the thread is included! After I got over my initial shock, my brain began to think.....what am I to make of this?? star? anvil? should I browse O my!~! What am I thinking! I am going to be late for work! For now it is sitting in my quilt room. On my cutting table looking all pretty! This project is going to take somethinking because I want it to be really special.

Who sent me the package?? It's non other than our Vintage on OR aka: vinnie baby as I call her. We talk and laugh in our quilt chat room. I always tease her about us getting together and getting a belly ring, quilt chat tattoo and wearing daisy dukes with high heels.....rofl wouldn't that be a sight? We would prolly be arrested!

I want to send a sincere thank`you from the bottom of my heart to her. On her card to me she wrote "consider yourself adopted" (another quiltchat story) what a privledge! I consider her my fairy Godmother!


working my fingers off

Well, today I had my performance appraisal. I had every intention of quitting this job, because going to 4 hospitals and never knowing what you are going to be doing can get tiresome. Dog gone it!~! I ended up signing another years contract before all was said and done. So much for determination. Haven't heard from Joe yet. If you would like to send him a post please email me and I will give you his address. From what I hear Navy recruits need lots of mail. It boosts them.

Now for the quilty thang update. I have started yet ANOTHER project. I entered a contest. It will be an online one and the prixe is a year subscription to download their patterns! I really want the garden fairy pattern! I would show my work, but a contest is a contest is a contest you know....rofl Finished this month's BOM baltimore blues. Finished orange crush mystery step #3, waiting for Mays block. Got my BOM done for Claudia's quilt shop "Simply scrappy treasures" and trust me, this is going to scrappy!

puppy sat scooter while the gang went to game. Make mental note to self to NOT walk scooter (attention deficit hyperdrive overturn road runner) along with my gentle lab!!!He tied her up in knots with his walking rope. I had to give myself a time out when we all got home. Lauren told me today scooter slept all night and she had to make him get out bed this am to do his morning chores before she went to work. So as you can see, not much is going on.....rofl

The photo is of scooter while we were out walking.


Joe's address

If you would like to mail Joe a card or letter of encouragement, please email me. I would sure appreciate it if you did!~!


Finished another round robin row #3. Going to send it on this week. Come have a peek at my chunky chick weight loss page.