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Been so Busy!~!

Let me start by telling you of of my busy weekend. We had family from the west side of the state come for a visit. We enjoyed it very much!~! Then in between my visiting time and sleeping hours I did some sewing! I finished Swoozies round robin. Which was started last year. She is the last one in our group to get hers back. I know the feeling! So one week turn around is not that bad. I also did a few squares on my attic window. This is going to be one of those "lifer" projects, unless I can come up with some new nickel squares. I printed out the April BOM patterns (even though it is still March) So I feel like I am ahead of the game. As soon as I get a few winks of shut eye I will put together my IKEA wall shelf for my craft room. Of course when I say "i" I mean my husband....rofl


Here is the new addition to my mini round robin. This was added by Sweetjessy. I just love the look of chicken wire!~!


QuiltVille Mystery

Bonnie has done it again! She has come up with another mystery that is going to start on April first. I hope this isn't an April's fools joke cause I done cut up all my scrappies and bought yardage. I am ready to roll!~! What do you think of my choices?? I am going for the civil war look. I put a serious dent in my stash of civies.



Jesse has a science project due when he goes back to school. He started working on it this week. Needless to say, he forgot to put paper down on the dining room table!


Projects for this weekend

ta~da!~! three pictures for todays post. I want to accomplish these projects before the weekend arrives. One is to put the beads on my birds eyes. This is last years BOM by Beth Ferrier. It is called Ribbons and blooms.
Next is the purple quilt. I need to load this onto the quilty frame and give the juki a whirl. It is for my niece in WVa. I finally found some backing for it while digging in my stash. Looking for sashing fabric to go with the 12.5" blocks that are just waiting to be used.
The red quilt is this weeks project. I took all my scrappy "audition" blocks (you know the trial and error blocks you make from scraps BEFORE you actually cut into the good fabric) and found some ....ummmm I don't know what color or what I was even thinking when I bought this solid color fabric years ago. It is not really red, not rasberry, get the jest. I think I was gonna do an Amish quilt...rofl! as IF they would actually use that color. But anyway I digress. I threw this together and it only fits on top of my queen bed, so I am gonna take some white fabric and applique scrappy flowers all over. I will post that next week, unless I come up with something else. Hope you have a wonderful Christ centered weekend!~!



Today I am so happy to get not one but TWO! packages in the mail. One is a mini round robin. It was mailed to me from Australia. I am to add a square to this and send it on.

Next was a round robin two for one mailing deal. It started last year and I finally got mine back!~! woo~hoo!

Then I have Swooze's round to do and send it home to her. I am planning on doing a white row w/ applique flowers and maybe a butterfly or so. What do you think??

In the mean time while waiting for the round robins. I have been so sick with a cold and asthma.

Last nite I did a little sewing. I figured I may as well do some crumb quilting since I felt so crummy....ROFL!~!~!~


Busy weekend!

Well for this weekend DH helped a buddy move. For his moving efforts he got this antique Chest and matching dresser. I am so tickled pink over it!~! He also got an antique dining set w/ matching buffet!~! It fits perfectly in our Henry Ford Farm house! The over the weekend I got promptly to the BOM. They posted March's block a tad early on Friday nite. I can hardly wait until April's is posted! But we don't want to wish time away do we?
Tonight I am puppy sitting again. The little critter is so hyper! I ended up giving him time out in his cage.


Add a block still in progress!

Here is the progress so far. It really is a work in progress, because when I add one block I think of other things to do. I still want to add a car, but I don't want this to get too big because it is supposed to be just a wall quilt after all. What do you think?? Matt drew the deer for me and I appliqued it.

My quilty world:

OK here is the first thing I got done this week. It is a totally scrappy crummy quilt. I used old blocks, scraps and odds & ends to pull thisone together. The sage green blocks are left over backing fabric. I decided after putting it on my bed to keep adding a few more rows. I would like a queen bedspread. Next is a BOM. It is called baltimore Blues by sindy @ The BOM is suppose to be blue and yellow, but I figure o well. I like Batik fabrics and I am going w/ it.

Lesson's learned:

Never! I repeat NEVER leave a kleenex box where a puppy might find it! Need I say more??


Hide the pillows!

LOOK OUT!~! every pillow is fair game!

Making Puppy coats

Well The silly thing got his sweater dirty, so I had to wash it, in the mean time I whipped up a little jacket with musical notes (since his dady playes the B3 organ) Wouldn't want him getting cold!

Puppy grandma!~!

Well who would have thunk it! My sons friend got a new puppy and couldn't keep it. So my son volunteered. He hadn't even told his wife (YIKES!) Well, to make a long story short....... We are already puppy sitting! Yep! They dropped the little critter off yesterday and it was like pulling teeth to get them to leave. Imagine that. Mother of 4 boys, 1 daughter-in-law, 6 koi, 1 guinea pig, 2 dogs, 6 bazillion polly wogs.......RN!! being disqualified at the last minuet because of doubts about leaving him....ROFL Needless to say we hustled them out the door so we could get to play time. BUT! not before they brought in the cage with his special baby blankets, a DIAPER bag full of puppy clothing (as IF I am gong to change his clothing more than once a day!) toys, food & treats. This is going to be an exciting week-end I must say for sure!


Ready for the MINI round robin

For today I got my mini round robin done and am ready to send it on. I am so excited about this one! It seems like it is going to be fun!~!


What a day!

Ok, Here is the progress so far. I am going to add a car, fish and a deer to the bottom part. I need more flying geese and am going to do flying geese all around.Now keep in mind that this is subject to change at any given moment.
My crafty room looks really messy now! I feel Elenor Burnish. I tend to throw everything on the ground. Scraps and all. I need to clean it today so I can mess it up again tomorrow~
I am excited about a new mini round robin I am in. I got my starter square done and am read to send it on~!
On the other hand I am upset over another round robin I am in! called add a block (the same round robin as this Michigan quilt) The girl I am supposed to mail to didn't get her grid back. The girl that mails to me said she mailed it 6 weeks ago. She hadn't been in contact with the group for 4 months or so. I finally emailed and said where are the grids. I never knew she mailed it, she didn't send it confirmation and therefore it is somewhere in la~la~ land. I am going to make a block to the person I am suppose to mail to. I feel really really really bad!
Her theme was COFFEE. I have a cute coffee cup and pot block. I think it is from Fons and porter. This is the first time in like 20 or so years a swap went wonkie~eyed.


Add a block round robin

OK this is my grid I got back from add a block round robin. Each participant was to use up 9 grid blocks anywhere on the premade grid. Some how I ended up a tad bit short. I took it all apart, and am working on reassembling it. I will be posting progress.

Tonight was the last nite of my classes for this term. I took, Church law and ethics, Gods generals and cults of this world. I am tickled pink it is finished! woo~hoo I am not sure I am returning in 2 weeks. I might need a break.