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Projects for this weekend

ta~da!~! three pictures for todays post. I want to accomplish these projects before the weekend arrives. One is to put the beads on my birds eyes. This is last years BOM by Beth Ferrier. It is called Ribbons and blooms.
Next is the purple quilt. I need to load this onto the quilty frame and give the juki a whirl. It is for my niece in WVa. I finally found some backing for it while digging in my stash. Looking for sashing fabric to go with the 12.5" blocks that are just waiting to be used.
The red quilt is this weeks project. I took all my scrappy "audition" blocks (you know the trial and error blocks you make from scraps BEFORE you actually cut into the good fabric) and found some ....ummmm I don't know what color or what I was even thinking when I bought this solid color fabric years ago. It is not really red, not rasberry, get the jest. I think I was gonna do an Amish quilt...rofl! as IF they would actually use that color. But anyway I digress. I threw this together and it only fits on top of my queen bed, so I am gonna take some white fabric and applique scrappy flowers all over. I will post that next week, unless I come up with something else. Hope you have a wonderful Christ centered weekend!~!

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