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What a day!

Ok, Here is the progress so far. I am going to add a car, fish and a deer to the bottom part. I need more flying geese and am going to do flying geese all around.Now keep in mind that this is subject to change at any given moment.
My crafty room looks really messy now! I feel Elenor Burnish. I tend to throw everything on the ground. Scraps and all. I need to clean it today so I can mess it up again tomorrow~
I am excited about a new mini round robin I am in. I got my starter square done and am read to send it on~!
On the other hand I am upset over another round robin I am in! called add a block (the same round robin as this Michigan quilt) The girl I am supposed to mail to didn't get her grid back. The girl that mails to me said she mailed it 6 weeks ago. She hadn't been in contact with the group for 4 months or so. I finally emailed and said where are the grids. I never knew she mailed it, she didn't send it confirmation and therefore it is somewhere in la~la~ land. I am going to make a block to the person I am suppose to mail to. I feel really really really bad!
Her theme was COFFEE. I have a cute coffee cup and pot block. I think it is from Fons and porter. This is the first time in like 20 or so years a swap went wonkie~eyed.

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