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Give away week one

I will be your hostess for girlfriend time. For the next six weeks, I will have a give~ away. I am going to start the first week today. To be eligible to win, just post a comment to the question asked and follow this blog.

Hi! My name is Paulette and I usually go by the name MaMaCrafty on line.
First I want to start out by thanking God that you stopped by my blog.
This week I want to talk about rest. Check out all the possible meanings of this one little four letter word:

rest 1
1. Cessation of work, exertion, or activity.
2. Peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or the cessation of an activity.
3. Sleep or quiet relaxation.
4. The repose of death: eternal rest.
5. Relief or freedom from disquiet or disturbance.
6. Mental or emotional tranquillity.
7. Termination or absence of motion.
8. Music
a. An interval of silence corresponding to one of the possible time values within a measure.
b. The mark or symbol indicating such a pause and its length.
9. A short pause in a line of poetry; a caesura.
10. A device used as a support: a back rest.
11. Games See
v. rest·ed, rest·ing, rests
1. To cease motion, work, or activity.
2. To lie down, especially to sleep.
3. To be at peace or ease; be tranquil.
4. To be, become, or remain temporarily still, quiet, or inactive: Let the issue rest here.
5. To be supported or based; lie, lean, or sit: The ladder rests firmly against the tree.
6. To be imposed or vested, as a responsibility or burden: The final decision rests with the chairperson.
7. To depend or rely: That argument rests on a false assumption.
8. To be located or be in a specified place: The original manuscript rests in the museum.
9. To be fixed or directed on something: "His brown eyes rested on her for a moment" John le Carré.
10. To remain; linger.
11. Law To cease voluntarily the presentation of evidence in a case: The defense rests.
1. To give rest or repose to: rested my eyes.
2. To place, lay, or lean for ease, support, or repose.
3. To base or ground: I rested my conclusion on that fact.
4. To fix or direct (the gaze, for example).
5. To bring to rest; halt.
6. Law To cease voluntarily the introduction of evidence in (a case).Idioms:
at rest
a. Asleep.
b. Dead.
2. Motionless; inactive.
3. Free from anxiety or distress.
lay/put to rest
1. To bury (a dead body); inter.
2. To settle (an issue, for example), especially so as to be free of it: The judge's ruling put to rest the dispute between the neighbors.
In Matthew 11:28-30 it reads:
Then Jesus said, "Come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light."
* Think about the burdens that you are carrying that are wearing you out.
My QUESTION of the week is:
Now for the give away!~!I made a scrappy apron and am throwing in some stationary and a surprise item. I can't take a photo like I planned because Joe took over 450 photos and he hasn't got my camera back to me yet. BUT I didn't want that to stop me from having my girl friend time fun!



Today is one of those days! I got 2 of my Red Delicious blocks done. I am now officially caught up.
My double delight only needs a border. I made an angel to take along to quilt in the car and finally last but not least, I got my Dear Jane cd out and considered it for a moment. I then placed it back on it's reverend spot on my shelf. LOL I am still in my jammies!


On the way home from working a twelve hour shift last night, my husband told me he went shopping and got me 2 new presents! How exciting!
Look what my two new gifts are.
I am blessed to be so loved and appreciated!


Ruler chat

I was shopping in Kmart yesterday and I was going through the organizational thingies. I could always use a little help in that department. I looked in a basket of junk on clearance and I seen a ruler! It was 5 bucks. So now I own 26 rulers, this new one is 6 x 12. I could really use this one for smaller projects I kept telling myself to justify the purchase.
Then my cricut came yesterday. WOW what a toy! Hope I can squeeze some time in to play!


Nifty idea!~!

Joe will be home in 6 more days! That means he will have my camera! Yipee. He said the ship is great BUT the food stinks. I think that boy likes his mama's cooking! Thank goodness someone does!
My cricut that I ordered is on it's way to my house. It should be here by Monday!

Now let me run this idea by you: I have come up with a nifty idea!~!
Starting next Friday and lasting for six weeks I will have a girlfriend talk topic. I was inspired with the topic of Restful souls today while I was reading in the back seat of my sons car while we were all on our way to Cabella's. What a white knuckle ride!~!, but that's another story for a rainy day.
Anyway! For the next six weeks I will post a thoughtful question for you to answer after reading my paragraph. I will have a GIVE AWAY EACH WEEK! This will be starting next Friday. You will have 6 days to post your comments and on the following Friday I will draw a name.
So what do you think about this?? Make sure you follow my blog so you don't miss out!
I am off now to go make the first gift to give away!


New Major purchase

Today I went shopping on
I had been wanting a cricut for some time. I have a nifty coupon code and they had this machine on flex pay PLUS free shipping! So my total was only $299.
This package also comes with whistles & bells! It includes accessories!
Cricut Expression Cutting Machine with Accessories Include:
*Expression die-cutting machine - measures approx. 22"L x 9"W x 8"H
*Cutting mat - measures approx. 12"L x 12"W
*Cutting blade
*2 Full-content Cricut cartridges (Walk in My Garden and Plantin School Book)
*2 Cricut solution cartridges (Indie Art and Home Accents)
*3 black Cricut color ink cartridges
*2 brown Cricut color ink cartridges
*Yellow Cricut color ink cartridge
*Red Cricut color ink cartridge
*Green Cricut color ink cartridge
*Orange Cricut color ink cartridge
*Blue Cricut color ink cartridge
*Spatula tool
*Cricut Scraper
*Power adaptor
*Instructional DVD - "Getting to Know Your Cricut Machine"
*User's manual
*Registration information card
*Quick start guide


Add em up Saturday:

I figure on Saturdays I can do a weekly report of my stash. I went a little crazy today. I was blessed with a wad of $$ and Dan my husband absolutely insisted that I go shopping and buy quilting stuff. The funny thing is that I finally can get the stuff again but I don't have ANY time to quilt! ROFL LIFE! BUT I love my new fabrics and have plans for them!

3 yards white with pink polka dots
3 yards white on white
2 yards yellow checked
1 yard leaf scrolls
1 yard John 3:16 fabric
4 yards beige cottage charm by cloth works
1 yard red oak leaves & reek by MODA
1 yard blue democracy by MODA
16 yards fabric added

3 yards fusa web
2 yards stitch & tear
5 yards essentials

25 rulers and holding
Fabric and UFO's
*Fabric used in 2009 35yds
*Fabric taken in 2009 - 46.5 yds
* Essentials: 5 yards
Ufo's completed: 3
Projects in the works: 7


14~ days

I am working on foolish goose tracks by Heather over at Burning the midnight oil.
I picked up some pretty cool looking fabrics a couple of weeks ago. I have 3 blocks done. I tied to scan them but they wouldn't fit and I could only get a portion. But you can see the fabrics used.

I have also been working on my "Red Delicious" This months block is quite BIG. I have been called into work today so I am off..........


16 days left (but who's counting?)

I found a way to get around the issue of my camera being. gone. Tonight I decided to show case some of my favorite fabrics.

The black squiggly line is a Debbie Mumm, Then I love the carrot orange fabric. It is perfect for making frosties nose. The middle fabric is one that I wish I could find more of. It says: "When this you see remember me" It is perfect fabric for swaps! and borders around labels for presents. Then the brown fabric I got a Joannes. It is just so cute! I used it in a round robin I sent out 3 years ago.

Today I got some applique work done. I did this months basket block on bunny hill. I have to embroider the flowers and stems. I think I will take it to work tomorrow. I dislike 12 hour shifts, but I am thankful for my job!


17 days!~!

We drove Joe to the airport today. He is headed for Norfolk, Va. I didn't cry much this time because he said it is only for 17 days. The bad news is that he took my digi camera at the last minuet so now no postings with pictures for 17 days!~! He even had the nerve when the plan landed to text me and say:
"It is hot & sunny!" Here the sky is grey, it's pouring cats & dogs and it's still freezing! HURRY summer!



Finished up my scrappy star blocks for a swap I am in. Finished my BOM squares that I am doing with my LQS. Working on RED Delicious this week-end along with cleaning house. I need to stay home more this week so I can get things done!


Pimp my ride

As most of you bloggers, friends and family know we had a family week-end this past Saturday and Sunday. It was a blast. True to family tradition we got out the old hot wheel tracks from 1980's. Of course everyone is grown (or almost). Each person has their own "special" car that they are sure will win the coveted prize trophy (An aluminum covered deluxe hot wheel).
My favorite color is chartreuse. I picked out a cool looking car in my favy color. Of course I being me had to "pimp my ride" I added sparkly flowers, a nice black & gold boa topped with a white rose. I also added a smidgen of hot glue to the inside to give it a bonus weight. After the first few heats my car proved to be just what I thought it was !~! A dud spud!~!
I suppose I have the next time to look forward to.

On the up note. I went to my LQS to talk shop. I was a tad miffed about the last BOM meeting.
I didn't get to hear what was said other than the sales pitch and when it came down to doing the actual block only five minuets was dedicated to it. I told the owner the 2 ladies next to me struck up a conversation and I couldn't hear a word she (the owner) said. She gladly told me that she would explain the block to me and she already had several girls tell her about the "chatters"

She said she is going to send out an etiquette email before the next meeting. It's a shame that adult women need to be told how to behave. So I ended up buying "THAT" ruler (I am now up to 25 rulers?) I also picked up some darling fabric that feels really good to the touch. It was on sale for $4.99 a yard. Imagine that! I plan to use in my next round of "burning the midnight oil" with Heather. I do believe the quilt is called "foolish goose tracks" OOOOO Thought break here:
Maybe I can use my new ruler??????


Family weekend

Today is the day all the hoopla is over. I have been prepping for this day all week.
It all started 2 weeks ago when the senior pastor said: "Lets do something for Linda's birthday"
(his wife) So the ladies hemmed & hawed and came up with bring sandwiches & chips deal. March 8th.

My husband is set to preach today March 1st (which by the way really is Linda's birthday).
We have family from Berrien Springs, Michigan with us this weekend so they are going to do am worship. My family from Grand Blanc area do not have church on the first Sunday night of the month. They are coming tonight to do PM worship.
We came up with grand idea of having an after glow after church and saying that it is for all the visitors. Linda's was really excited because she hasn't seen her old dear friends in a very long time, which by the way we found out just happen to be related to me! ROFL Imagine that! But that is another story. We changed her birthday party to March 1st.

So I came up with the idea of deli night. everyone was to bring, lunch meats, cheeses and cold salads. I was at the church this week decorating the fellowship hall. Linda thought it was for my family but in reality it was for her surprise birthday party!~! Linda even bought lunch meats and salads!~! ROFL

I managed to finish the emergency quilt. I had to giggle because when I really got to looking at it had bible scriptures and religious emblems on it. I also used the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness fabric I had bought. I think I made this 3 or 4 years ago. I was even more that glad to find I had made a nine patch quilt using the same fabrics! Then I was on a roll! I looked down under my grace frame and there in my UFO box was an unfinished tote! Now why on earth didn't I just put handles on the thing and be done with it?? O yeah I remember now! I thought it was dirt ugly! and it was too tall. I slapped some handles on and added a few buttons. My daughter in law thought it was darling. OK gotta run!~! Church will be starting soon!