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Pimp my ride

As most of you bloggers, friends and family know we had a family week-end this past Saturday and Sunday. It was a blast. True to family tradition we got out the old hot wheel tracks from 1980's. Of course everyone is grown (or almost). Each person has their own "special" car that they are sure will win the coveted prize trophy (An aluminum covered deluxe hot wheel).
My favorite color is chartreuse. I picked out a cool looking car in my favy color. Of course I being me had to "pimp my ride" I added sparkly flowers, a nice black & gold boa topped with a white rose. I also added a smidgen of hot glue to the inside to give it a bonus weight. After the first few heats my car proved to be just what I thought it was !~! A dud spud!~!
I suppose I have the next time to look forward to.

On the up note. I went to my LQS to talk shop. I was a tad miffed about the last BOM meeting.
I didn't get to hear what was said other than the sales pitch and when it came down to doing the actual block only five minuets was dedicated to it. I told the owner the 2 ladies next to me struck up a conversation and I couldn't hear a word she (the owner) said. She gladly told me that she would explain the block to me and she already had several girls tell her about the "chatters"

She said she is going to send out an etiquette email before the next meeting. It's a shame that adult women need to be told how to behave. So I ended up buying "THAT" ruler (I am now up to 25 rulers?) I also picked up some darling fabric that feels really good to the touch. It was on sale for $4.99 a yard. Imagine that! I plan to use in my next round of "burning the midnight oil" with Heather. I do believe the quilt is called "foolish goose tracks" OOOOO Thought break here:
Maybe I can use my new ruler??????

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