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I am so glad Christmas has come & gone. I am also sad too.
Worked a 12 hour shift the day before. Had our usual Christmas eve party. My family came for Christmas day. Called my dad to wish him a Merry Christmas only to be told he was too busy to talk, and he was mad cause I didn't write out all of our names on the Christams card. (BE GLAD! I didn't even send Christmas cards out to everyone!) Our dog of 16 years had a stroke Christmas day and can no longer walk. Then December 26 PAYDAY!~! WOO~HOO!~! came and went! NO CHECK! I repeat NO CHECK!~! I called the hospital and of course EVERYONE and their brother in human resourses is on "holiday" Waited till Monday Dec 29th only to be told: "I am sorry there is nothing we can do, the checks were not on the fed ex truck" WHAT?????
My sister in law is on her way up from West Virginia. Looks like we need to finally find a nursing home for my father in law.
Today of all days I have to work 13 hours. I have a meeting first thing this morning. So when I get home it will be tomorrow. I did mail out my contest packages finally! WOO~HOO for that one. It didn't cost as much as I thought it was going to.
I made 2 out of 4 baby blankets yesterday. Baby dedication is this Sunday.
I did start the red delicious BOM. I have been wanting to do a red & white like FOREVER!
I just need more colors of red. I hope I can find a red swap some where. Let me know if YOU know of one.



OK here is the winners: Yes I said WINNERS as I made 2 gifties.
The first winner gets her choice of prize A or B.
The girls on picked number 16. Number 16 down goes to:
GCHUNG 12/6/2008 3:25:13 PM I love your creative idea. My guess is that Frosty's nose was used as a scrap for a last minute Christmas quilt which needed the special color found only on Frosty!! Ginny
Ginny email me with which one you want:
A) Christmas lap throw & fabric to match and fat quarters.
B) 8 nine and half inch kona snow embroidered blocks and fat quaters.
Then the other prize goes to:

Deare Diary said...
I think that the combination of him being made out of snow and being kept in the attic all year has caused his nose to the answer to that question is.... his nose is running and no one has caught it.Having fun,Judy
December 8, 2008 2:24 PM

Deare Diary said...
You did not say that we couldn't have more than one guess so here is my second guess: Maybe Michael Jackson borrowed it since multiple surgeries has left him with no nose.
December 9, 2008 4:19 AM

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I posted the contest to it also because I am in a couple of quilt groups.I copied and pasted the responses in the frosty section.