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Someone is already tuckered out.... Round three is to start in an hour!




I love antiques! I got this one up north a few years ago. The top comes off and I think you either put tea bags in it or you rest a spoon on the bottom?


She has now moved them to Jesse's room


Block of the month coming together.


I kept counting and counting and I am pretty sure it is only four. She looked like it should have been 10. They look just like her!


She just went behind the love seat in the living room where I put a card board box with a towel in it. I hear her moving and scratching around.
Kitty acting crazy! Wants to be held constantly. She laid down on a towel and her water broke!! We are having kittens!

I my gosh!! I put cat nip in my purse for my sister's kitten and miss kitty found it!

Still pregnant


Still pregnant......


No kittens today either...


No kitties yet.....



She is lying around all day,  in usual spots and not eating.

Kitty BEFORE being pregnant 

The stray that adopted us. Kitty has made herself welcome in our home. She obviously is going to deliver kittens but due date is unknown. Jesse said he saw a grey cat with her just before she took up residence. She is laying around a lot. I have been reading up on the subject and the information varies. I will post her progress here.


Got to Michigan......,...

Went through Ohio.

Very bad weather. Had to drive slow.

Started out @ 8am this morning on the way back home to Michigan.


Kitty May laying by Dakota.

Kitty-kitty looking for her kittens!

The Adventures of Kitty

As you know a stray cat has adopted us. She had 5 kittens 7 weeks ago. One is very mild and just so much fun to watch. I brought her in just to see what our lab would do. Dakota fell in love with her the second she seen her.  
 A little later in the eve Dakota was acting so strange. She was barking her head off.  Usually a bark means "feed me, water me or I need to go out!!" But nothing calmed her down. Then I heard a faint "meow" it happened several times. I looked at Dakota and said: "What did you do to kitty??" She then started to jump around, I had caught on!!
  (Just seeing a 100 plus 2XL dog do a happy dance was worth the sight!)
Kitty was in trouble! Lassie doesn't have anything on Dakota I tell ya!!
 At that moment my son came home. He went down to the dungeon to his room. A moment later he yells up the stairs: "Mom! The kitten is in the ducts!" O MY GOSH! Kitty some how went up stairs to the second level (no vents on the duct work there)  fell all the way to the basement! and was walking around in the ducts!

Matt tried really hard to separate the ducts, but to no avail. He only got a small opening in which kitty was now sticking one paw out as if to say: "HERE I AM!!" Matt then got a screw driver and opened a duct. Kitty came glad-fully out. She looked like an over used swiffer!! I had to take her to the bathroom and wash her off. All 8 ounces of her. 

Then last night I had my lap top on the kitchen table and kitty decided my leg was a stairway. She climbed right up and jumped onto my laptop. It did an ungraceful swan dive onto out ceramic tile floor and broke into several pieces! Yikes!! Now I have to use my iphone to surf HSN or QVC for a new laptop.

Kitty is now staying with someone who has cats and knows how to take care of them. 
Mama cat is very mad and thinks that some of her kittens are here and will not stop meowing.
 4 have now been adopted.

My next story: Adventures of kitty's mama "kitty-kitty"


Special speaker at church today! Dr. Sheila Brown from Life Challenge (formerly teen challenge)

Matt pAid 50 dollars for these, half the tulips were dead and fell apart. I called the company and they are sending replacement flowers. I am very thankful!!

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Special Treat♥

I know this may not seem special or important to you, but it meant the world to me.
I have so many houses in my neighborhood where the people have moved out due to foreclosures. They left their cats! So all winter I have been feeding them. One in particular has adopted our house, even though we have 3 dogs! She has only one kitten left of her litter. I call her kitty kitty. I have been feeding her on our front porch. I usually put the food in the bowl and add a can of tuna. I call : "here kitty kitty" and some how she comes running from where ever it is that she hides but NEVER comes close. She will take off if I get close.
Today was no different, BUT this time when I called she came running and she came right up to the porch and started meowing and rubbed herself on my leg. I actually petted her!! It was so wonderful! What a special treat for me! I love that cat! As soon as I petted her, I came in and changed clothes & washed up really good. I am very allergic to cats, but petting this one today was quite worth it.  I wonder why she did that?


April's here!♥♥

 I joined weight watchers and to this date I am 12 pounds down. I usually write a blog a week on the site but I think I am going to start copying it and pasting it here too!

This is this weeks weight watchers blog post:

 OK... Here it goes, I am telling on myself. Yes me.

Have you ever counted all your points, finish your food and have mashed potatoes or something yummy like caramel still stuck to the plate? Do you feel like licking the plate and justifying it by saying: "I counted the points and by golly I am gonna make sure I get ever one that's coming to me."

Have you ever had a yogurt in one of those tall skinny containers and you can visually see that's there is probably a full teaspoon stuck to the walls and the little groove on top? Do you say: "Gosh I wish I had gene Simmon's tongue at this moment." or do you whip out a micro size spatula and scrape it like there is no tomorrow?

Have you ever had one of those 100 calorie snack packages? The three point ones? Well have you ever been thoroughly enjoying it and have the points tracked and someone in your family asks: "what are you eating? Can I try one of those?" What do you say?? How do you untrack on small itty bitty cookie? Do you go get another pack?

Have you ever looked up a food and in your mind say ok....Marsh mellow, then know the point value but have a larger size?? Yes I have been there.

I have encountered every one of these moments as I am sure have too. At times it has not been pretty. After all my point is my point. Enjoy your points today!!♥♥

From: "It's me♥♥"


I am still here.


Catching up!♥

I cannot believe we are in March already! My blog has been neglected for sure! Let me bring you up to speed:
The church is doing great! God is moving in a mighty way and new friends are being helped.
I started a new job. I now work at Children's Hospital of Michigan.
I joined weight watchers.
Dan & I are working out together at the planet. We are more committed  to being healthy.
Joe is in for a 20 day visit and that is up on the 20th.
I have a new cat, even though I am deathly allergic to cats. There has been aprox 20 or so houses in our neighborhood, that have become foreclosures over the past 2 years (maybe more). People move out and they leave their cats! One even has it's collar on and it is tight. I called the humane society and the answer I got was catch it and well put it down or you can catch it and remove the collar. G!
 I see a solid black one, black & white, 2 dark greys and guess what? A light grey one with blue eyes had kittens in OUR yard. Stupid cat! Couldn't she see the dog kennel taking 1/8 of the yard? With the 2 beagles? So she had them under the wood pile. One has stayed on and I set a little pink and silver bowl on our front porch and call: "Here kitty, kitty" Sure enough it will appear.
Well, that about sums it up.


Worked today, Seemed to drag on. Had computer class and it was already the medical programs I have been using for years. Can't wait for orientation to be over.


Here r the adults.... LOL