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Special Treat♥

I know this may not seem special or important to you, but it meant the world to me.
I have so many houses in my neighborhood where the people have moved out due to foreclosures. They left their cats! So all winter I have been feeding them. One in particular has adopted our house, even though we have 3 dogs! She has only one kitten left of her litter. I call her kitty kitty. I have been feeding her on our front porch. I usually put the food in the bowl and add a can of tuna. I call : "here kitty kitty" and some how she comes running from where ever it is that she hides but NEVER comes close. She will take off if I get close.
Today was no different, BUT this time when I called she came running and she came right up to the porch and started meowing and rubbed herself on my leg. I actually petted her!! It was so wonderful! What a special treat for me! I love that cat! As soon as I petted her, I came in and changed clothes & washed up really good. I am very allergic to cats, but petting this one today was quite worth it.  I wonder why she did that?

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