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April's here!♥♥

 I joined weight watchers and to this date I am 12 pounds down. I usually write a blog a week on the site but I think I am going to start copying it and pasting it here too!

This is this weeks weight watchers blog post:

 OK... Here it goes, I am telling on myself. Yes me.

Have you ever counted all your points, finish your food and have mashed potatoes or something yummy like caramel still stuck to the plate? Do you feel like licking the plate and justifying it by saying: "I counted the points and by golly I am gonna make sure I get ever one that's coming to me."

Have you ever had a yogurt in one of those tall skinny containers and you can visually see that's there is probably a full teaspoon stuck to the walls and the little groove on top? Do you say: "Gosh I wish I had gene Simmon's tongue at this moment." or do you whip out a micro size spatula and scrape it like there is no tomorrow?

Have you ever had one of those 100 calorie snack packages? The three point ones? Well have you ever been thoroughly enjoying it and have the points tracked and someone in your family asks: "what are you eating? Can I try one of those?" What do you say?? How do you untrack on small itty bitty cookie? Do you go get another pack?

Have you ever looked up a food and in your mind say ok....Marsh mellow, then know the point value but have a larger size?? Yes I have been there.

I have encountered every one of these moments as I am sure have too. At times it has not been pretty. After all my point is my point. Enjoy your points today!!♥♥

From: "It's me♥♥"


swooze said...

12 seems like a lot. How many more do you hope to lose? Congrats on your accomplishment.


I want to get down to 129. I have 11 pounds to go. Don't forget I am only 5 feet (I think I even shrunk some but I am not measuring...LOL)