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Bonnie Hunter leader & Enders

Doing Bonnie Hunters leader & ender method. Check out the bonus squares I have already made, while doing easy street!


Mug rug

Penny's first mug rug.


Got the grand kid this weekend....

Once again it's time for winter fest in Indianapolis. The church van has left, loaded with kids. Jenny went to chaperone. So Brice is so lucky to spend the weekend with us.


Return to work!

Yeah! I accepted a job, and I will be returning to work February 11! To celebrate, my husband bought me a new stethoscope. What a cool color!

Easy Street block A

Another block made.. Only 14 more to go!

Oops..... here we go again!

Someone had a momentarily lapse in better judgement, and spent a night of indiscretion. The whole family searched ALL night long. Someone finally returned home the next morning and was on the porch meowing her head off. She had an appointment with the vet in Jan to be fixed.  Now Someone is going to have kittens again!  


First block done.

Bonnie Hunter 2013 Easy Street Mystery


Easy Street Corners

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt "Easy Street"

Easy Street

Getting ready to put my Easy Street By: Bonnie Hunter together!


This cat sleeps anywhere!


Ummmmm.... Hello! It's MY pillow and MY bed!

Using my stash for Easy Street!



On December 29th at 6:50 a.m. we got the call. We had been with my mother in law all evening the night before. We brought her home on hospice, that very same week. She decided that enough was enough and made heaven her new address. We will miss her, but for a long time she wanted to leave this world and finally was granted permission.