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I know good and well not to plan. When I make plans nothing ever seems to go according to the plan. I know success is dependent on the planning phase, but why bother if nothing is going to go the way it was planned. So in other words.....why plan?? I suppose it could give me a "ball park" idea. I better plan.

Progress lighting p 4407 77 fiorentino collrction


Look what Matt brought me! I can smell the apple butter and jelly cooking now!


O my gosh!! I finally figured it out!!

SHHHH!!! can you hear it?? Yes that is me.♪ ♫ You can probably hear me singing the hallelujah choirs from where ever you are in the world. I finally figured out how to add my mobile phone to this blogspot and snap photos and blog instantly. Yipee♥♥
;;;;;;; patting self on the back;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Craft room.

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I need help with mobile blogging.
Testing my new phone