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Catching up!♥

I cannot believe we are in March already! My blog has been neglected for sure! Let me bring you up to speed:
The church is doing great! God is moving in a mighty way and new friends are being helped.
I started a new job. I now work at Children's Hospital of Michigan.
I joined weight watchers.
Dan & I are working out together at the planet. We are more committed  to being healthy.
Joe is in for a 20 day visit and that is up on the 20th.
I have a new cat, even though I am deathly allergic to cats. There has been aprox 20 or so houses in our neighborhood, that have become foreclosures over the past 2 years (maybe more). People move out and they leave their cats! One even has it's collar on and it is tight. I called the humane society and the answer I got was catch it and well put it down or you can catch it and remove the collar. G!
 I see a solid black one, black & white, 2 dark greys and guess what? A light grey one with blue eyes had kittens in OUR yard. Stupid cat! Couldn't she see the dog kennel taking 1/8 of the yard? With the 2 beagles? So she had them under the wood pile. One has stayed on and I set a little pink and silver bowl on our front porch and call: "Here kitty, kitty" Sure enough it will appear.
Well, that about sums it up.

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