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Nifty idea!~!

Joe will be home in 6 more days! That means he will have my camera! Yipee. He said the ship is great BUT the food stinks. I think that boy likes his mama's cooking! Thank goodness someone does!
My cricut that I ordered is on it's way to my house. It should be here by Monday!

Now let me run this idea by you: I have come up with a nifty idea!~!
Starting next Friday and lasting for six weeks I will have a girlfriend talk topic. I was inspired with the topic of Restful souls today while I was reading in the back seat of my sons car while we were all on our way to Cabella's. What a white knuckle ride!~!, but that's another story for a rainy day.
Anyway! For the next six weeks I will post a thoughtful question for you to answer after reading my paragraph. I will have a GIVE AWAY EACH WEEK! This will be starting next Friday. You will have 6 days to post your comments and on the following Friday I will draw a name.
So what do you think about this?? Make sure you follow my blog so you don't miss out!
I am off now to go make the first gift to give away!

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, I want to have one. :)
I will be following your every post then...
By the way, what is the "ROFL" means?
I am still not feeling good as of now. I don't blog for a while, I only visit around.