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Family weekend

Today is the day all the hoopla is over. I have been prepping for this day all week.
It all started 2 weeks ago when the senior pastor said: "Lets do something for Linda's birthday"
(his wife) So the ladies hemmed & hawed and came up with bring sandwiches & chips deal. March 8th.

My husband is set to preach today March 1st (which by the way really is Linda's birthday).
We have family from Berrien Springs, Michigan with us this weekend so they are going to do am worship. My family from Grand Blanc area do not have church on the first Sunday night of the month. They are coming tonight to do PM worship.
We came up with grand idea of having an after glow after church and saying that it is for all the visitors. Linda's was really excited because she hasn't seen her old dear friends in a very long time, which by the way we found out just happen to be related to me! ROFL Imagine that! But that is another story. We changed her birthday party to March 1st.

So I came up with the idea of deli night. everyone was to bring, lunch meats, cheeses and cold salads. I was at the church this week decorating the fellowship hall. Linda thought it was for my family but in reality it was for her surprise birthday party!~! Linda even bought lunch meats and salads!~! ROFL

I managed to finish the emergency quilt. I had to giggle because when I really got to looking at it had bible scriptures and religious emblems on it. I also used the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness fabric I had bought. I think I made this 3 or 4 years ago. I was even more that glad to find I had made a nine patch quilt using the same fabrics! Then I was on a roll! I looked down under my grace frame and there in my UFO box was an unfinished tote! Now why on earth didn't I just put handles on the thing and be done with it?? O yeah I remember now! I thought it was dirt ugly! and it was too tall. I slapped some handles on and added a few buttons. My daughter in law thought it was darling. OK gotta run!~! Church will be starting soon!

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Jeanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful surprise. Enjoy!