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Fairy Godmother

Yesterday before work the guy in the little brown truck made a special stop at my door. WOW!~! it was the box big! Who would be sending something so big? and expecially with postal costs these days. I hadn't ordered anything.

Upon opening my box I found a large green sparkly giftie bag. UGH let's get to the goodies! It is like Christmas! So I had to open that! Then to my utter amazement and shock the most beautiful moda fabric was all nestled together. It looks about 8 to 10 yards of eggplant/ fern green outdoor backwoods. I am flabbergasted! Even the thread is included! After I got over my initial shock, my brain began to think.....what am I to make of this?? star? anvil? should I browse O my!~! What am I thinking! I am going to be late for work! For now it is sitting in my quilt room. On my cutting table looking all pretty! This project is going to take somethinking because I want it to be really special.

Who sent me the package?? It's non other than our Vintage on OR aka: vinnie baby as I call her. We talk and laugh in our quilt chat room. I always tease her about us getting together and getting a belly ring, quilt chat tattoo and wearing daisy dukes with high heels.....rofl wouldn't that be a sight? We would prolly be arrested!

I want to send a sincere thank`you from the bottom of my heart to her. On her card to me she wrote "consider yourself adopted" (another quiltchat story) what a privledge! I consider her my fairy Godmother!

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kellyk said...

How cool is this-I want a fairy godmother like this who will send me a box of scrapbooking things-How sweet would that be!!! U were blessed. I can't wait to see what U made out of the new fabric.. I am really gonna make me one of these blog sites.. I luv this.. The story about walking the dogs cracked me and Kandis up too-we were dying laughing.