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Simply Scrappy Treasures

Last year I decided I was going to use some of my scraps that I have stored in a bin. Mind you it is not just any ordinary bin but a whopping 40 gallon tote. I am ashamed to admit I have 2 of these. I have one down in the basement. Anyway.......

When Claudias quilt shop came out with "Simply scrappy treasures"

I just knew it was my kind of a quilt! I kept up with the monthly BOM's. Yesterday I decided that I am going to sew it all together. I stored the blocks in my "ufo" tub. As I was putting together the blocks I decided to substitute some of the other blocks I had stored it that UFO thingie also. I had left over Christmas blocks, some 1970's fabric made into star blocks.....swap 5 inch squares....
I am up to section 5! I hope to get this done so that I can get back to working on my double delight.
This past week my hubby went out and bought me another set of shelving units. I emptied another tub of fabrics and have them on the new shelves. I need more of those plastic forms, NUTS!
I also cleaned the dreaded closet. I can now safely open it and not worry something is going to come flying out and hit me in the head.
What do you think of my scrappy treasures?? You can double click on the photo to enlarge the details.

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