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Debra's Quilt

Here is a ufo I am working on. It is Debra's quilt. Once it is done I am sending it to my SIL in WVa.
I got my Juki all oiled up and it seems to be running better, thank the Lord! I went to Joanne's today to buy 1 yard of brown polka dot & 3 rolls of batting. The line to have the fabric cut had at least 12 people in it, everyone had their carts full. After waiting 10 minuets and the line didn't move I decided to go to customer service to ask if there was anyone else to help cut fabrics. On my way I noticed the line to check out had about 15!! people in it. Only one girl at the customer service desk. she said that they were the only TWO people! O my word, Needless to say I left with out making any purchases. If I would have stayed it would have taken over one hour! Today is my day off and I have quilting to do! I felt really bad for my hubby who stayed out in the car and took a nap....rofl If I would have stayed he REALLY would have gotten a LOOOOONG nap.The fireplace looks so pretty tonight. I thought I would snap a photo. I have it all decorated for Valentines Day. I just love my cupid figurines!


Linda C. said...

That seems to be company policy at the JoAnne's. Since we got a Hobby Lobby, I seldom go there any more.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I like your cupids collection for valentines day decoration. I think I will start to collect something for valentines day, too.
I realized, I can't do the quilting because as I see in your picture, it requires a lot 0f space as well as a huge table.
I got that picture from Google image. I don't have any idea who it was. Maybe it is your son... do you think so?