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Running up to Speed

This past month has been both sad & happy. I was overwhelmed with working 2 full time jobs & making sure family was ok. I started having stomach pains and the next thing I knew, the Dr. took me off work! Went to see a surgeon cause the Dr. Dx me with a hernia. CT later showed: a small right hernia, a cyst on my left kidney and 2 masses the size of golf balls on/in my liver. So now I am scheduled for a US of the liver. I am sure the Lord has every thing in control and He is just giving me some time off work.
In the mean time. I got my quilting studio/room up and running.
I have finished 2 queen size quilts. One mini quilt for a childrens hospital in PA (downey corp)


Rhonda said...

My prayers are with you as you travel this road. We women are strong...take care my friend.

romika said...

Thinking of you from across the waves my dear friend

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

WOW! Wonder why I am your neice and I have NOT heard about all of this? I only heard about the hernia.. hope the US shows nothing.. Enjoy quilting in the meantime.. I love u!!