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Update: July

Here is a smidgey update from my last blog posting.
The church is going great! July 4th picnic was a blast! VBS is coming soon.

It was a killer season for the morale mushrooms!

Daniel graduated from College and is now a school teacher.

He bought ANOTHER boat. I wish they would get a house real soon! He uses our garage and yard to store them in.

Have been busy keeping up the house. Lost half a tree this week due to a crazy storm and the yard was such a mess!

Jesse had a great 4th of July.

Jesse's collar bone healed fine & dandy. He now is into his 5th week of having a broken leg. He has gone through three casts and currently has that one off too. It caught on fire. Trust me....don't ask. The first one litterally fell off after one week and the second one had an ooopsie occured in the pool. I think if I would have had Daniel and Jesse together in row I wouldn't have Matthew, Joe or Christian.

I have adopted two guinea pigs. I got snooker'd into it. I only wanted one but the humane society said they couldn't be seperated. I was thinking of our 2 beagles and said ok......BUT G!! They fight and carry on in the middle of the night.
I bought a new camera and prompltly lost my usb cord. I have tons of quilt projects on it so as soon as I can remember where I put it I will upload more photos. I hope to keep up with my blogging. Life has really been busy lately. Thanks Suzette for reminding me!


Jeanne said...

I voted for your friendship quilt!

reginag said...

Im starting to think asking my friends to do something like it, every week.
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