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Wild & crazy things have happened this month.
My brother lives in Japan. He was in the earth quake, tsunami, and radiation scare.
Thankfully, my sister in law and my 2 nephews got to fly to USA.

My guinea piggie of almost 8 years passed.

My son left to go live & work in Alaska as a police officer. Yep. So when you watch that show, look for him.

Son #4 had broke his collar bone last year. He snapped it again and needed surgery. When we went to the surgeon, he said nothing was wrong. Then the very same day a major college called him. They will be watching him play baseball. Yipee.

I have lost a total of 22 pounds. I just bought pants in a size smaller. When I got home... THEY are too big! So I now need to buy pants 2 sizes smaller I guess.

Only a few more days of this month left to go... Wonder what April is gonna bring??

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