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Joe's departure

I have been crying almost all afternoon & night. Joe left today for boot camp today. I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack, but I am sure it is only anxiety from bawling. I know you probably think "get over it" But it is for 20 weeks!

Yesterday in the mail I got a round robin that was lost last year. I kept praying it would find it's way home and guess what! It was found and sent to me, I did a whole block in one day and am gonna send it home to it's mama in TX. DeVonn it will be on the way!~!


Amanda said...

20 weeks IS a long time, so you can be forgiven for being upset about it. Will you get to see him at all during that time?

kellyk said...

Me and mom got on your page yesterday and read your blog from yesterday. Sorry U are sad.. I know it seems like he will be gone for a long time-but I am sure-It will fly by really. U all need to take a trip to WV and come and visit us and have some fun-I am sure that will get your mind off it! It will be POOL time very very very shortly... Miss and LUV u all!!!
HUGS!!! Your favorite neice in WV!
Kelly K