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Catching up!~!

OK Let me run you up to speed:
Been doing Orange crush mystery, but I am calling mine civil crush cause it is civil war fabrics. I got BOM done. In my spare time I have been using scraps again and making "maverick" stars I have about 30 done. I think they should have been named wonkie stars...rofl
Then I bought some fabric for my mini Ohio stars I have been making. I have 12 stars done and they need the setting triangles & squares. Here is a pix of 4. They are all made from my stash bin. I am making all this stash stuff, but I don't see my bins decreasing! My crummy bags have increased. I now have 3 more!I just made like 60 blocks from my crumbs. I have those saved for a rainy day.....LOL I don't have any swaps in my possession at this time. Waiting on those!
Now for the community news:
We were offered another church. It is quite a drive. We feel led to minister in our own community of which we have been a part of for all our lives. We are looking for a church here. Thought we had one but God had other plans and that door was shut.
Please pray! I have a garage full of clothing and goods for the clothing bank and I want to get the food ministry set up before winter comes again. There has been 7 foreclosures in our neighborhood alone. We top the nations rate and also joblessness too. (Is that a word?) So there has never been a better time! (well except for the great depression, but I digress) Hope to post more later.
OH PS: Ended up taking our van to the auto shop after Dan put in a new alternator and battery. This ONLY cost us $65.00 to get her up and running. It was a wire that led to the alternator. The part was $4.50. You do the math.

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