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What's one more??

OK when you have one.... what's one more??


JVC_Scout_Mom said...

so, did this one get the name Nuggent?!

kellyk said...

OOOOh-u are forsure hooked NOW-I luv beagles. I guess U know that though. Have u looked on my myspace at the 8 puppies that our dog buffy had. They are blue tick beagles. They are so cute. I like that chocolate beagle-he is so cute. Kandis would die if she knew u named it RED. Roger has been bugging her to name one of ours RED-and ours are black-brown and white and blue spots-Well not really blue but u understand what that means-but he knows a song about a RED beagle or something-and he sings that song to her all the time=it cracks me up him bugging her. SO U have 2 of them now?? They don't want u to play with it so the dog will hunt Rabbits and not want to be a big PET right?? Roger says the same thing about these new puppies-he said he is gonna feed a couple of them raw meat and not let us touch them-NOT-too late-they are too cute not to play with -he plays with them too-HA!!!. SO how r things with u?? And how did Jessie brake his leg?? So I guess that means no Football starring for him this fall?? I bet u all are all bummed about that -him more I am sure huh?? Well write back. LUV YA
Your niecie Kelly K