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Totally Outrageous!~!

In today's society where there is much to be discussed such as; poverty, world hunger, our economy and politics, I found myself to be the hot topic of a debate. I absolutely could not believe it! I went to the 4th floor to do admits and one of the nurses asked me if I had hair extensions! ROFL! She said that they all were discussing my hair and majority thought I did! O my goodness! can you believe it. I told them they REALLY need to get a life! Then I gracefully let them check my hair for extensions. When NONE could be found a few of the girls said: "I told you so!" ROFL I took a picture of my hair. Have you ever tried to put your camera over your shoulder and take a picture?? IT is HARD!

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cindyquiltsOR said...

Looks like a "Locks for Love" donation in the making. Maybe just 12"?

Your hair is beautiful.