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Another Sew Saturday

This past week, my clerk (even though I think it should be secretary..rofl but that in itself is a long and whole other story) asked me to make her baby a 1st b~day outfit. She had some fabric that she had bought and some notions. This is what I whipped up. I sure do hope the measurements are right. I plan to make head band too out of the fabric, flowers and purple ribbon.

Then I picked up my UFO Calico gardens. I worked last night at it and got 10 more squares prepped and ready to take along on the go. I should have this done soon.


swooze said...

Cute little girl outfit! Love the quilt. You sure do get a lot done!

Kucki68 said...

The flower garden looks quite lovely, these simple flowers might even be for me who shies away from applique.

SweeTie said...

Oh Paulette Savannah Outfit looks so Beautiful Thank You so Much.....Kelly